Saturday, November 15, 2014

"Guys, drop everything." "No, this is worth a fortune. I'm not going to just drop it."

 Today is the third and final day of Bella's NaNo Blog Party. Since it is it the final day we are forced to pick between posting a scene or snippets or any other random thing we fancy. (Forced is joking of course. I don't think Bella owns a sword in which to hold us at sword point.)

 I will be doing snippets, because they are more random and funny and I don't have to give away major spoilers.

 So here they are, snippets from my NaNo novel, The Steam War

 I dropped my juice,” Dean whimpered. He kicked his feet back and forth, thumping them against the seat. Before giant feet had tried to squish them, their dad used to tell Dean not to kick the seat.
I'll fill it for you when we stop,” Hunter promised.
Dean blinked through his tears.
Will?” he asked. “Promise?”
Yes.” Hunter smiled. He didn't look out the window anymore. He didn't want to see anymore feet. “Any kind of juice you want.”
I wants milk.” Dean smiled.

 “You're staring, which means you don't have to. Are you planning more school for me to do? Can't you end my torture and just kill me and get it over with?”

 “What's with the pistol? Monster under your bed?” Dean grinned.

 “Dean.” Hunter shook his shoulder. “Dean, wake up.”
Dean didn't want to wake up. He didn't want Hunter shaking his shoulder, again. He thought about kicking his brother, but the last time he'd done that Hunter had thrown ice water on his head. He had no choice but to give in and open his eyes.

 “Hey, you have to know more than me. I was only three.” Dean grinned at him.
And crying because you dropped your sippy cup.”
So? I was three, like you said. I could cry over a sippy cup if I wanted.”
Hunter slapped him on the back. “Just keep telling yourself that, baby brother,” he teased.

 “You think?” Dean's voice kept squeaking. “Do you think any food survived?”
It's been ten years,” Hunter groaned.

 “Look.” Dean bent over and picked something out of the glass. He held up a pair of pearl, dangling earrings. “They go with your eyes.”
I don't think we'll find food here,” Hunter muttered. “And your eyes are prettier than mine, why don't you wear them?”

 “Maybe they have things that stick above ground and they can see out of them,” Dean retorted. “Maybe they have guards. Or watch dogs. Maybe they have rats trained to run down and deliver messages in Morse Code.”
Shut up,” Hunter groaned. “I'm sure we can deal with Morse Code rats.”

 “Doesn't matter,” he said, “you won't be leaving here alive.”
That's morbid,” Dean muttered. “Are you going to let that woman kill me?”

 “Here we are. And don't think about tryin' to escape by goin' down the hole. Pretty sure it's bottomless.” Atlas shoved a door opened and Dean stepped into a narrow, square room with a bucket in the middle. As soon as the door closed he walked over the bucket and pulled the lid off. Under it was a black hole.
Cool,” he said, “indoor plumbing.”

 “Hi,” he said, waving. “Did you take my rifle?”

 “You're pretty demanding for a captive,” Leech said. He crouched down in front of Dean. “I have some questions for you, then I'm going to kill you.”
Oh goody. I love interrogations.”

 “Prime function. Destroy,” the machine said right over his head.
Wonderful,” Hunter groaned, “I have a pet.”

 “Prime function. Destroy,” it said with a note of satisfaction.
That's going to get annoying real fast.”

 “I like stalking people. Why is your skin blue?”

 “Where did you come from?” Leech muttered.
From my mom. Same as most babies. Where did you come from?”

 “Leech! Atlas! Bullet! Any other living human being out there! I'm losing my mind! And I'm hungry!”

 “Here,” she said. She put it at the foot of his bed. “Will ya stop yellin' now?”
Maybe. If you want to guarantee it, you could not kill me tomorrow.”

 “Someone go sit on the washer before it walks across the room again!”
There was a long silence, then Ember shouting, “Fine! I guess I'll do it again! Kind of funny ya always get the skinniest one to sit on it!”
I wouldn't be so sure of that, sis!” Atlas laughed. “You're getting' a little wide in the rear end.”
This was followed by a thump and then Atlas' yelp of pain.

It lasted for only a couple seconds, then everything returned to normal and Dean saw Leech standing over Hunter, holding a hand clasped firmly over his mouth. Hunter kept kicking him but Leech didn't seem to notice.
Oh look,” Dean said, “we're all friends.”


 Now I have to go and write or I will get behind.

  Quote is from Agents of SHIELD, when Fitz was being too literal and his adorable Scottish genus self.




  1. "I like stalking people. Why is your skin blue?" heeeeeeeeeeeee! I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS BOOK!! You have no idea! I didn't know we'd get little Dean and Hunter moments, now I feel all warm inside. LITTLE HUNTER OH MY GOSH!~ *dies*

    Leech! LEECH BE GOOD!!!! I LOVE YOU!

  2. Mmmmm... strawberry milk. I used to drink that all the time.

  3. A NaNo party sounds like fun! Congratulations on your progress.


    I like the names. Dean. Hunter.

    I like the idea of it a lot, so I'm excited to read it.

    so when do I get to read it?


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