Friday, November 21, 2014

"I lied. Working with you, whoever you are, not that fun."

 Wherein Jack went AWOL yet again

 I really need to stop doing that. Peter sits and glares at me the whole time. But I did it, though since it was only for Wednesday, I'm hoping I didn't commit too much of a crime.

 I spent Wednesday working all day. My first full day back to work since getting sick. It went okay considering I had no voice. I then spent Wednesday night writing, because I was still behind on my NaNo word count.

 Getting sick during NaNo has proved to be a bad idea. (Not that I had this planned out. I wanted my last month of fall to be spent writing in front of the fire and crunching leaves not in front of the fire. Instead, I spent four and a half days stuck in bed with a fever and another - however long since then to now - with a weird cough.) I'm no doctor, so I don't pretend to know what brought on this cough or anything like that, but it felt like it went straight to my lungs. I spent most of the time since still stuck in bed because I couldn't breathe when I walked very far. (Sounds like I was dying. I wasn't.)

 The only nice thing about getting this sick is my new job. At Old Job if I so much as twitched my nose I had people running out the doors screaming, "BLACK PLAGUE!" Only, now they'd probably be screaming, "EBOLA!" New Job I can cough and gasp and bend over double and sound like I'm taking my last wheezing breath and there is no one around to glare daggers at me and condemn me for passing on to them some deadly illness.

 Another reason to like New Job.

 And that has been my life since the second week of NaNo. I feel kind of left out. Who spends NaNo barely getting in their word count and sleeping every chance they get?

 That is one reason I am getting this post short. I didn't get a chance to write yesterday. We had company over and I had to carry on conversations while sounding like a frog before I lost my voice. (They were fun conversations at least.) But now I need to go and write, so I can get caught up.

 That is all.

 How is all of your NaNo's going?

 Agents of SHIELD line, Coulson talking to a Not Real May




  1. *hires some mythical magical creature to trek across the country to set balloons, flowers, cough drops, and Airborne on Jack's from step. He rings the doorbell and runs off*

  2. I dunno. I didn't do Nanó this year. But I'm writing! ...a little.

    FYI I giggled over Ebola. Lol. You funny.

  3. Ehehe I tried NaNo, didn't get that far with my Galleonpunk story. Oh well *shrugs shoulders* The Ebola joke was epic ;)

  4. Really hope you get better soon! Nano is stressful!
    All the best xx
    Btw, I really like your blog, you have a new follower <3
    The Journeys of My Beating Heart


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