Sunday, November 30, 2014

"Nate! Can we keep the cave?" "We are not keeping the cave."

 Jack's Fall Reading List

 I'm still working on reviews. Some of these should have had reviews a long time before now, but it was hard to write them while sick. I feel really bad about getting so far behind on them. I also should have had a lot more on the list, as well as a couple beta reads. Sadly, those didn't happen either. I found it impossible to read much all of November because of the weird flu and pneumonia I caught. Reviews will come in December though.

 Until then, here is my Fall reading list, in order of what I read. I passed up my summer reading list by about five books. I was hoping to get more read in fall than I did in summer. I still didn't read as many as I had hoped for, but anything passing up summers is good.

 The Maze Runner

I read it because of the movie. I wanted to read it before I saw the movie. While the writing style and genre wasn't my favourite I loved the characters

 The Penderwicks on Gardam Street
THE PENDERWICKS! Really, what's not to love about this family?

 Evil Star
I have mixed feelings about this series, but I adore Matt and Richard. Also, I learned about the desert lines, and that was cool

 Only a Novel
Though this wasn't really my type of book I did enjoy the story. It had a Pride and Prejudice feel to it, with a heroine who grew on me as the story went on.

 The Battle for WondLa
Conclusion to one of my all time favourite series. Oh yes, and Rovee was in it.

 Charmed Life
Another Dinna Wynne Jones, she never lets me down.

ALAN! DAVID! I loved this book!

Third book in the Gatekeepers. It introduced a new cast of characters, who won me over just as fast as Matt and Richard did

 After the Twelfth Night
If the Tintin series was written in book form this would be it. Non stop, impossible adventures. There are few words I can use to describe how much I love this book.

 Men of Iron
I have one complaint about this book. It was too short. I wished to spend as much time with Myles as I have with Ivanhoe

 100 Cupboards
There aren't many books where you love the adult characters as much as the kid characters. Everyone in this book was amazing.

 A Different Kind of Courage
I can't sum up my feelings on this book in just a few words so I will save most of it for the review. In short...WARREN!

 The Penderwicks at Point Mouette
I didn't think I would ever have a favourite Penderwick book. Even now, this one is only my favourite by an inch or two. But I loved this one. I laughed nearly non stop, and then nearly cried in the end.

Our Intrepid Heroine
Another I can't sum up in just a few words. My last book of the month, finished last minute. Found and bought last minute. I don't know what I was expecting from this little story, but I got much more than I had hoped for. Review coming soon.

 Most of these books have been reviewed and reviews can be found on my other blog, HERE! I go into more detail on what I thought of all of them. Overall the books were fun and I enjoyed them and the adventures. I am hoping to finish up the Gatekeeper series I started and The Maze Runner series over the winter. I'm also determined to finish Ivanhoe - I was so close but it is hard to read a lot of, "Hark, fair maiden, faint not but tell me what thou seest," when you're sick. I needed something easier since my brain was stuffed with cotton. I'm also determined to read To Kill a Mockingbird and read more self published books. And, as I hoped with my summer list, I hope to surpass this one and get a few more read over the winter.

 How about all of you? What was on your fall reading lists? Anything memorable? Have you read any of the books on my list? What are your thoughts on them?

 Quote is from Leverage when Elliot, Hardison, and Parker are being fun and childish and Sophie and Nate are having to be adult and parent-y.




  1. The biggest thing on my fall reading list was to FINISH IVANHOE! which, I am proud to say, happened last week. :) Now my goal is to finish The Hobbit before December 17 for obvious reasons.

  2. Ooh you must finish Ivanhoe - Wamba is the bestest character of the book, seconded by Aethelstane, though the 'harks' and the 'ests' could get a little tiring. Someone really ought to do a modernised version of it ...

    Hope you are feeling much better :D

  3. Leverage - what an awesome show.
    A lot of reading for you. From your comments, it sounds like great characters can keep you engrossed in even an average story.

  4. I've read Charmed Life from this list... and I think it's still by far my favorite Diana Wynne Jones book... though it's hard to pick just one.

    You got me hooked on Leverage, by the way... we blitzed through it rather swiftly, and now it is my mission in life to hook others on it! :)


    I need to read 100 cupboards, it looks so good and I heard that there are some great friendships in it.


    MATT!!! SCOTT!!!! JAMIE!!!!!!!!

    THE PENDERWICKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ALAN BRECK STUART!!!!!!!!!!!



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