Friday, November 28, 2014

"That's May." "Is she okay?" "Yes. She's laughing."

 Wherein Jack is suffering cabin fever and other mishaps

 Thanksgiving has come and passed and I didn't do a grand Thanksgiving post. Instead, I had to work in the morning, then I came home and ate and crashed. Myself and my whole family wasn't feeling too great yesterday - we all have colds now. It was a nice relaxing day though. I even got my 50,000 words in.

 However, because I've been stuck inside for most of November with the pneumonia I am today suffering cabin fever. I am mostly over it, but I can't go outside for long because of the cold weather. If I have to spend too much more time in the confines of this house - even with tea to help keep me sane - there is a strong chance someone is going to get stabbed with a pen.

 I am actually drinking tea right now. 

 And I would be watching Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers except I thought I should write a post.

 And read a bit more in The Hobbit. I want to read the book before the movie comes out, because this is going to be the last time I can do that with Middle Earth.

 Let that sad thought sink in.

 I am also still grinning over the new Star Wars teaser trailer. I am going, I am going to find someone to go with me to that one.

 I might have to go into town later today. On Black Friday. Even though all the sales should be gone by now, it still could be dangerous out there. I will have to have a friend come and save me if I'm not back in an hour.

 I have been having more fun with my new book than I thought I would. 

 Now that Thanksgiving is over the Christmas music has begun to play and lights go up. (Not here yet. I am trying to talk my family into buying dangling lights instead of just the string of them. We've all been too busy coughing to think of going out in the wind to fight lights into place)

 I meant to tell you some of my new book but I got distracted trying to pick my first Christmas song to play. There, I went with Sleigh Ride. 

 With only a few days left in November I am making plans to try and finish the third Haphazard book. I wish I knew why it was fighting me so hard. I have this sneaking suspicion it has something to do with the ending in book two...

 While I convinced the characters I didn't mean to leave them with such a horrible ending I will be writing the last book in the Loyalty trilogy, and editing Brothers-in-Arms. Lots of fun things happening. Hopefully publishing the third Haphazard book will be high up on that fun list.

 That is all I have. Except for this. My two new characters took over the blog I share with my friend Bella. You can get your first introduction to them HERE!!!!!!!!!!

 Now I am leaving for real. The Hobbit awaits, and Riddles in the Dark.

 Quote is from Agents of SHIELD, the teams concern over May being sociable.




  1. I'm pretty sure Michael is gonna drag me along to the midnight showing of Star Wars.....and I'll happily go. CAUSE A NEW STAR WARS DIRECTED AND WRITTEN BY J J ABRAMS??? UM. YEEES. MY CHILDHOOD. childhood Star Wars was the "dreadful" prequels. *giggle* Which, as you know, I love.

    I'm still at like 16,000 words. And I don't really care even. Like...whatever. I'll probably work on it during December, but I may just put my writing on hold til January, where I'll get back into it in full vigor. Maybe that'll be a new years resolution. Get a freakin first draft done. Whatever.

    Get those lights up!!

  2. Jack.


    You need to stop dropping impossible cliff hangers on yourself. That's all I'm going to say ... though if you need someone to help talk out your issues ... I'm available, just thought I'd mention.

  3. Congratulations on finishing NaNoWriMo! =D
    Ooooooooo the new Star Wars trailer! I can't wait for more to come out! Supposedly they are showing the teaser before The Hobbit? I don't know.


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