Monday, November 24, 2014

"This is fun. This is fun, right? Look! Cuff links."

 Wherein Jack is a rebel.

 I've always been a rebel. Or something like it. At least when it comes to NaNo. I have switched books one day before NaNo starts - though I don't know if that is rebel qualities. I forget what one has to do to be termed a rebel. I did give up on a new book one year and go back to writing a book I'd already been working on.

 But all that said, I think I might have reached rebel level this year, though I hadn't planned on it.

 I started my book to try something new, to see if I could write an apocalyptic story. After all, that is kind of the fun of being an Author. Testing your limits and seeing what you can do. Well, I did that, and I have come to realized, I'm not the kind of apocalyptic Author, even though the book wasn't depressing to write. I just wasn't enjoying it.
 And yes, I know, sometimes writing is hard. Sometimes you have to sit down and write when you don't feel like it. Sometimes it is like pulling your own teeth out, or having HYDRA pull your wisdom teeth. I've written even in those times. I've written when I've struggled through scenes, and I'm one of the first to say an Author shouldn't give up because writing is hard.

 But I also believe Authors shouldn't force books they weren't meant to write. Not everyone is is cut out to write in every single genre. Writing in ones they dislike can be painful and ruin every ounce of enjoyment, and there should be enjoyment in writing or there is no point behind it. Authors should love what they write, and I wasn't loving my book.

 I liked the characters, and I liked the basic idea, but I didn't like the book.

 Therefore, even though NaNo is almost over with, I am switching books - though I'm keeping my word count. One, I wrote those words and they are my words. Two, I'm not insane...THAT insane...and I know I can't write 50,000 in just a few days.

 I'm still toying around with my new idea, but already I feel better about it. And for those who were interested in Hunter and Dean, they will not be stuffed in my closet with Peter's sister. They will just be moved to a new book, in a genre I feel comfortable writing in.

 And that is all. Because I have to write. And continue to recover from Walking Pneumonia, which was discovered I have. Not fun to have, but it makes people more understanding to your slowness at work. Suddenly you're not lazy, you're brave for working when you should be in bed drinking tea. (That was in case you wanted some tips about getting sick. If you sound like you're dying, make sure you have some medical condition with a long, stupidly spelt name to go with it.)

 Quote is from Coulson, trying to convince May she putting on a fancy dress and heels and talking to people is fun and that she should do it more often.




  1. Don't write something you're not enjoying. Life is too short.
    I tried to write grittier for my latest. It didn't work. Space opera is as gritty as I get.

  2. I'm down with something at the moment. According to my aunt, it's a respiratory illness that has been landing people in the ER, though I don't remember if she gave it a name. Not fun. My head is full of wool.

    Fortunately, however, I managed to finish NaNo early this year, and have ten thousand words to spare. I went rebel too. Decided to write a book that I'd already started and was a rewrite, so I knew I'd get a good wordcount off of it.

    Good luck on your new novel. As interesting as your other sounded, I understand the problem of switching genres. Going from Pure fantasy to sci-fi was painful enough last year.

  3. I know how hard it can be to make such a decision and I say, "Bravo, my friend!"

    I look forward to what genre you are going to place the characters into and how you will change the story.

    I'm sorry to hear you were sick!! Get better soon!!

  4. I'm sorry you were sick! Pneumonia is not cool. And bravo for being a rebel! I agree with Alex, don't write something you're not enjoying. (That's why I had to restart my latest novel 4 times... not only did I have no clue where the story was going, but every time I started writing it I got bored... and if the author is bored, the audience will be as well).

    Get well soon! And have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Meh, I gave up on NaNo. My steampunk story is sorta stuck, so I gave up on it. Sorry that your sick Jack :( Hopefully you'll get better before HYDRA get's you...that would be bad.

  6. It's good to know when your story isn't working out, and when to stop and start with something new. Now I'm curious about this new, mystery story, that you didn't tell us anything about (on purpose?).
    Pneumonia does NOT sound like fun! Get well soon, Jack! *sends more balloons and flowers via minion*


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