Friday, December 05, 2014

"They have a cave troll."

 It's Friday.

 I should be writing a post.

 I am writing a post.

 I should have had a post written.

 I didn't have one written.

 I read a lot today.

 And wrote.

 And watched Big Hero 6.

 And cried.

 And watched Lilo and Stitch.

 And cried some more.

 That movie is painful the more I watch it and connect things.

 That is how story telling should be.

 Always able to find new things.

 The book I am reading kind of hurts too.

 But I can't put it down.

 I love reading books I can't put down.

 I went to the book store today and saw Four's Sonic Screw Driver.


 Four's isn't easy to find.

 At least not from my attempts thus far.

 I am going back tomorrow to buy it.

 I can't help it.

 I love Four.

 I already own Nine's.

 I plan to drive my family insane with both of them.

 My feet are little ice cubes.

 Except my feet aren't little.

 So they are big ice cubes.

 Which brings me to my confirmed realization.

 I am a Hobbit.


 Love food.

 And parties.

 And snug homes.

 And I have big feet.

 I'm more of the Baggins type Hobbit though.

 Adventure calls.

 I have a chapter to read in the read along I am doing.

 For some reason I am having trouble focusing on reading though.

 I keep sulking because they didn't use MY plot in Big Hero 6.

 And sulking takes up a lot of reading type.

 Also Kitty is being extremely annoying and trying my patience.

 By that I mean she is one step from being thrown out the door.

 I originally had a great post planned for today.

 But Big Hero 6.

 Because it is hard to think after that.

 Seriously, everyone should watch that movie.

 I should be answering emails too.

 I should be doing a lot of things.

 I would rather just climb in bed and read.

 My exciting Friday nights.

 Those aids on Youtube, their second count downs are not real seconds.

 They are equal to two of our seconds.

 This shall forever be my belief on the subject.

 Bilbo is about to enter the mine and meet Smaug.

 I feel bad leaving him there but it doesn't look like I will be making it through that chapter tonight.

 I want to start slamming doors, leaning against them, and saying, "They have a cave troll."

 Unfortunately, slamming doors is considered bad manners in society.

 I slammed one yesterday though, in spite of that.

 It is how I deal with book pain.

 Went to the book store today and bemoaned the fact I don't have a book account

 An account money would just fall into.

 An account for just buying books.

 I think everyone needs one of those.

 Another reason I need to take over the world.

 There will be a girl Elf in the third Loyalty book.

 A bit of an upcoming hint there to spark your interest.

 I only have one Christmas CD. 

 This is sad.

 But I keep playing it on repeat because this is THE CHRISTMAS SEASON!

 I am leaving now.

 I won't tell you where the quote is from.

 You're on your own.




  1. Such an interesting post! Love it!
    Have a great day <3
    The Journeys of My Beating Heart

  2. Wow, I didn't even know Four had a sonic screwdriver! (*hears shocked Whovians being shocked in the background* "Shocky...")
    Oooo, an Elf girl. I can't wait!
    I hope that you are having a good week. =)

  3. BOROMIR!!!!

    Okay. Had to get that out of my system.

    If you find out how to create these "book accounts" that money just falls into for buying books... please pass along how to get one!

    I loved this post so much.

  4. Four's sonic? How cool!

    Our cousins and Becca and I got to see Big Hero Six over the Thanksgiving weekend. It was really cute!

  5. Jack, you are the best, okay?

    That is all.

  6. Four's sonic screwdriver? That's cool. I only have Ten's, which is okay because he's my favorite, but I'd love to have them all. I don't really like Three's, though. It sounds really weird. I do love Three, just not his screwdriver. And I'm really hoping to see his regeneration episode. I'm excited to watch Four...because he's Puddleglum. And he has Sarah Jane with him for awhile and I like Sarah Jane.

    I drew Fred from Big Hero 6 at a drawing class at Disney World this past week, but I haven't seen the movie so I have no idea who he is. I am interested in the movie.


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