Monday, January 19, 2015

"Gnnochi for breakfast? Why not."

 I do this about every few months. Thought I'd try it again.

 I am bring back Music Monday, with a new twist. (Because if I do it this way I might actually keep it around.)

 Each Monday I will be posting songs which have inspired one of my books, and explaining why it did or does.

 Since I have been talking more about Brothers-in-Arms I will be doing one of those songs today.

Bastille is one of the bands I discovered while writing Brother-in-Arms in June. My beta readers kept sending me songs from their albums and saying how much it reminded them of the book. This one especially, since it mentions in the book about Franz and Japhet going into the Lion's Den when they enter Berlin.

 Quote is from Unbroken, the scene where Louie, Phil, and Mac are on the rafts together and Louie makes fake breakfasts for them.




  1. This is awesome. First, that your readers sent you music. That's super cool. And second, that they sent you Bastille, because Bastille is cool. And third because Brothers In Arms. Though I have to say, it's so rude of you to keep posting teaser things on here when I can't get my hands on the book! ;-P

  2. Yeah it was kinda like... OOH! THIS SONG! *SEND* AND THIS ONE! *SEND* THIS ONE IS SOOOOO FRANZ! *SEND* I right??

  3. That's so cool your readers send you music to go along with your story. And what a great idea to do that too. Not too often do I think of music that goes well with a story, but occasionally I do come across a song here and there. I guess I should mention it to the author or mark it down when it comes along with my own books.


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