Monday, January 26, 2015

"It passed inspection, it's been certified..." "By Helen Keller."

 Wherein Jack is still talking about Brothers-in-Arms

 Getting tired of this book yet? (For those wondering, I am still working on my other books as well. Haphazard 3 was sent out to editors and beta readers, AT LONG LAST!)

 As promised on Monday, today I am introducing a new character from Brothers-in-Arms.

 Caleb Webber.

 Caleb is a side character. He showed up in the first draft as a resistance fighter, and he needed a name because it was better than calling him, "one of the fighters." He and Japhet Buchanan become friends during the time Japhet serves with the resistance. 

 Caleb is 24 during most of the story. He is average build with blond hair and brown eyes. He was a brilliant young man who graduated high school at the age of 15, two years earlier than his two school chums Warren and Karl. The three of them attended college together where they became favourites of their math teacher Odis. After four years of college Caleb graduated with plans to become a doctor.

 As a boy, Caleb was an Orthodox Jew but later becomes a Christian. Because of this his father shunned him and refused to acknowledge him as his son. Caleb used his friendship with Warren, also a Jew, to tell him of Jesus and the truths in the Bible. Later on Warren too became a Christian, though his family wasn't ever as strict in following Jewish traditions so they weren't as hard on him.

 Besides Warren and Karl, Caleb was best friends with a girl named Annie. The other two boys treated Annie as a little sister and let her tag along with them, but Caleb and she always joked they would get married when they were older. Annie attended the same college as the boys, but only went in for two years. After two years and Caleb's graduation she dropped out and the two of them married. (Annie's biggest dream was to raise her and Caleb's kids. They always said they wanted at least ten.)

 A month after their wedding, Caleb and Annie moved into Berlin so Caleb could continue his medical training. They were in Berlin during the Night of the Broken Glass. (And here follows one of the reasons I've been going around shouting, "I HATE THIS BOOK" while I edit.) During the Nazi attack, Caleb and Annie are pulled out into the streets and Annie is killed right in front of him. Caleb manages to get away, but goes slightly insane.

 Joining up with the resistance, Caleb stays in Berlin where his favourite past time involves blowing up things. Anything. Train tracks, bridges, convoys. He sets mines in the road and he loves grenades. He sleeps with a grenade under his pillow.

 Even though Caleb is hardly in the book he plays his own important role and the story wouldn't be the same without him and his explosives. 

 Now I am going to bed. Quote is from Unbroken, Phil and Mac while talking about the rickety rescue plane they had to fly.




  1. Poor Caleb... It sounds like he's had a rough time recently. (And it certainly can't be comfortable with a grenade under his head as he sleeps. Unless he's hoping it will blow him up someday? ...welcome to the dark side of my mind, may I offer you a Tortured Soul Sundae or some charred toast?)


  3. Wow, you've really planned it out! No idea on the Olympics part though.

  4. Caleb is going to be like Newt or Bucky, where they are really tiny, small characters but they say just one thing and they destroy you and make you want to cry because they have SO MUCH LIFE in those three paragraphs

  5. A very rough period in time, but still one of my favorite eras. I devour movies that take place in the time period. Now to find some books. :)

  6. I've experienced three or four deep emotions just within the span of reading this post. First I was all, "Whoa, this character sounds awesome." Then my heart melted at all the talk of Annie and I was at the point of smiling. Then CRaaaAAACK! there goes my heart. I haven't even read this book and I already am heartbroken for this guy! So you've done your job well. Very well. >.>

    All this emotional trauma nearly made me forget. I've tagged you with a Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit tag over on my blog here: Do NOT feel pressured to do it. It's only there if you want to. ^_^

    Thanks for all the feels, you skilled (evil) writer you. :P

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  8. THAT IS SAD!! *eyeballs Jack mournfully* Poor little guy! I love him...

  9. THAT IS SAD!! *eyeballs Jack mournfully* Poor little guy! I love him...

  10. :( I always liked Caleb. Now he makes me sad. He sounds like he had a great childhood and then it all just blew up in his face. Why Caleb?

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  12. Interesting story, but the Olympics were 1936 and Kristallnacht was in 38.


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