Sunday, January 25, 2015

"War's over. Anybody would run"

 Working on Brothers-in-Arms means going back and filling in all the gaps. Some of those gaps involve side characters who were just thrown in during the rough draft with the knowledge I'd have to flesh them out later.

 One character who got worked on last week is Caleb Webber, a Jewish resistance fighter whom Japhet meets while in Berlin. Since I put so much work into him last week I decided he would get to be the next character who got an introduction. But for today I am sharing the song which...fits him. I can't say inspired since it wasn't sent to me until after I had all his background worked out. So we will stick with fits.

 The girl joining in and singing goes along with Caleb's character as well. Just, a bit of foreshadowing there I will talk about when I do his introduction.

 For now, enjoy this painful song!

 Quote is from Band of Brothers, which I just finished.




  1. I tend to have to flesh out secondary characters later.

  2. You quoted Webster. This makes me happy.

  3. I find it's always nice when you find a song a fits a character.

  4. I flesh out the secondary characters later too. They don't always come in that first draft. Then again, I could say the same about the main characters sometimes too. LOL!


    That song hurts Jim. It hurts bad. THIS BOOK IS REALLY PAINFUL

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