Friday, January 02, 2015

"Wow, washed up at fourteen."

 HAPPY NEW YEAR. I'm a day late, but oh well. 

 This is the time of year everyone I know is making New Year's Resolutions. I hardly ever join in. I'm too lazy to try and keep resolutions. The shocking truth of Jack Baillot. 

 I do have goals though.

 One of them isn't as exciting. I have been giving it a lot of thought and have come to realize I need to cut back on my reading. I've been getting next to no writing done because I make my read lists too long. (One book a week is probably a little insane even for me.) I have decided to do one book every two weeks instead.

 My biggest goal this year is publishing. Things have been, odd, in my life right now. Especially last year. I let things with my writing and editing slip and I really don't want to let that happen. I've put too much work into being a writer already to give up now, besides, I love it. While I've had to admit to myself that there are issues with the third Haphazard book, I have come up with plans to work on that and still continue my publishing.

 I am determined to get the third Haphazard book written completely and edited completely this year. I am very hopeful publishing fits into all this - as I do feel bad for the last cliff hanger and leaving it unresolved for so long - but the trouble it has been giving me I'm not sure I can safely make promises of publishing. Right now getting it all ready would be a step in the right direction.

 I have plans to finish the last Loyalty book and publish it as well. It has been going easier than number 3 Haphazard and making wonderful progress.

 On top of that I intend to finish fleshing out the world the Loyalty books are set in, complete all of the Blade books, and begin the major editing on the first one. I don't know if I can publish it this year, but I want to start getting the Oleander series completed, as far as rough drafts go. Those shouldn't be too hard. I'm fairly fast at rough drafts. It is always editing that slows me down, and the daunting looming thought of publishing.

 My biggest goal though is publishing Brothers-in-Arms. To be honest, this is one story I'm not jumping up and down with glee over, eager to get it into all of your hands. I have never written a more painful story in my life, Even thinking of going back over and editing it makes me tear up. I started work on it the other night and cried over the first page. (I have a feeling though, since it has been in the hands of so many beta readers already, I'd get things thrown at me if I gave up on it. The friends who kept me writing it the first time won't let me back out that easily.) Anyways, that said, I do want to get it out. Kind of. It's mixed feelings. But I plan to do a post on it alone and how it came to being to better explain why I am so leery about editing it. 

 I plan on coming up with some new marketing ideas as well. And there is, of course, my world domination schemes. Who knows, this year might be the year when I finally take over the world. (My biggest problem with world domination is laziness. I already have the plan for it and the minion army.)

 There is also my goal of getting my book reviews written in better time then I have had been getting them out. This will probably last for a week or two and then I will get buried under Brothers-in-Arms editing and get behind again.

 The last goal is more of a bet. Around midnight of New Years Eve I started crying over Louis Zamperini's autobiography. My best friend, who shall henceforth be called Phil on here, and I claimed 2015 couldn't possibly have more sobbing in it than 14. We'd already endured enough crying that we couldn't outdo it this year. However, since I started the year crying we decided to give up and hold a bet to see which of us could make the other cry more over 2015. So, I have plans to win a bet, which I'm not sure if it is a goal but might as well list it. After all, what better goal then trying to make your best friend cry, right? And winning involves doughnuts, so you can kind of see my determination behind winning.

 Somewhere in the midst of all this I have the plans to watch all of Band of Brothers, since I finally own the DVD's, and complete the whole Avengers TV show. And then of course there are my planned attempts to make it through this year with less illnesses and pain then I went through 2014. Shouldn't be too hard, I don't have wisdom teeth anymore and I'm hoping it isn't possible to catch pneumonia two years in a row. 

 Quote is from Big Hero Six




  1. Your Brother-in-Arms story intrigues me. I'd like to hear more about it! Happy writing/editing in this new year! =)

  2. Oh, don't forget your goal to finish Worth of a King. You're readers are eager to read that, you know.

  3. BIG HERO 6!!!!

    Just had to say that. <3

    And I can't wait for the next Haphazard book, but I'm also psyched about Brothers in Arms. So don't lose heart! :-)

  4. Best wishes on all of these goals, Jack!!!!


    Oh boy- a who can make the other cry more contest. At the end of the year, I will be very interested in hearing who won. :)

  5. You MUST finish Brothers-in-Arms! You've gotten this far. There is no going back now. I won't allow it.

    I wished I could read a book every two weeks.

    I like your goals. Especially the writing related ones. Though that one about the bet involving crying and doughnuts did sound interesting. :)

  6. *flails because Haphazard's cliffhanger and because BIA*


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