Sunday, February 22, 2015

"Anymore questions?"...."Not about the dress....tunic."

 Wherein Jack worked all weekend.

 The end of last week fell apart on me and I got nothing done, writing work wise. So this weekend I worked. (I wrote something I am kinda pleased with, so it wasn't all torture. Also, I read Band of Brothers, again, not so bad.)

 I did manage to have a nice time in spite of work, I laid around all last night and listened to classic songs. Which is why I have two songs today. Because one doesn't count, but listen to it anyways.

Look at these guys. So classy, and they knew it. Also the lead singer looks so much like my Mercenary Friend they could be twins.

So, fun story about that song. I listen to it a lot, but last night I actually watched the video and realized just how classy they were. I told my brothers and cousin as we ate breakfast in a packed hotel breakfast area, but they didn't believe me, so I made them look it up on their phone. So we huddled around a table and watched the video and made everyone else listen to My Girl.

 Now, song for my book.

 This one I listen to a lot while working on the Blade books. It reminds me of the twins, Jaysen and Jasper. 

 That was short. I would have said more, but there are spoilers involved.

 Now I get to try and thaw my feet in one degree weather and do something fun before bed.

 Quote is from Night at the Museum 2.




  1. This is such a fun post! Oh, and I'm REALLY enjoying Brothers-in-Arms. =)

  2. You gotta love The Temptations. I've never seen the video before this... SO classy. I wish I were half that classy.


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