Monday, February 09, 2015

"My mom does that." "A lot of people do that."

 I missed the last day of the LOTR blog party. I was working all day on Friday, got home late, and then we left right away since we were spending the weekend out of town. Hopefully the four days I did join in were interesting enough to make up for it.

 I've started looking forward to the weekends, mostly because I HATE formatting A Stretch of Loyalty and love taking breaks from it. If I don't stab something by the end of formatting I think I should get some kind of medal. Anyways, I spent the weekend reading three short stories, the first two chapters of Band of Brothers, and went book shopping at Bucky and Donna's. Because it is fun to go book shopping when spending the weekend out of town. Let's face it, it is fun to go book shopping any time you have spare money for books.

 But now I am back. And while this post is a little late, I am here to do it.

 This song, while not mentioned by title, is sung in Brothers-in-Arms. By Jimmy. (Yes, for all who have read the book and love the cocky American pilot, he sings now.)  The Andrew Sisters - for those who don't know - were three sisters who put on performances for the troops in WWII. I used to listen to some of their songs before writing my book, having come across them through the Abbot and Costello show. I decided they would be Jimmy's favourite singers. In the book I mention how they were supposed to put on a show for his unit but something happened and weren't able to. (To make up for it one of the pilots dresses up in a grass skirt and dances around and sings until the men beg him to stop.)

 In the first draft I didn't find a place where I could even mention the sisters, or how Jimmy liked their songs. During this last draft, with some polishing and showing instead of telling, I wiggled it in. During one point Jimmy sings this song. (He doesn't tell anyone, but he's thinking of a girl back home while he's singing it.)

 Quote is from Unbroken, when Louie catches Phil praying and asks him about it.




  1. Let's hear it for wiggling.
    Don't stab anyone now.

  2. Love that song! Thanks for sharing it!
    BTW - I have an award for you at my blog! You deserve either award, but I think I named you for the Liebster one. :)

  3. Ugh, I dislike formatting, as well. Nice to know I'm not alone!


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