Thursday, February 19, 2015

"The people of France were exceedingly poor."...."Do you have any bread?" "No! I'm exceedingly poor!"

 I made a discovery.

 Have you ever had a question which sits in the back of your mind, but you never really voice it until someone else does and then you realize it is the same question you've had for years?

 This happened to me while watching Band of Brothers with Phil. In the middle of the series she asked me how the soldier's dog tags stayed around the soldiers' necks.  I realized I'd had that question as well, always in the back of my mind, but had never brought it forward.

 Just how did the tags stay on?

 The chains for dog tags are really long. And soldiers run and jump and fall over and roll around a lot. But they never lose their tags.

 And the soldiers in Band of Brothers did a lot of extra rolling around while dodging bombs, especially during Bastogne. So how did they manage to not lose them?

 This bothered me and Phil for a few days. Along with the realization that a lot of the soldiers we were reading about and learning about were really quite handsome.

 Need examples? Okay.

The real life Dick Winters - who's story is told in Band of Brothers

Doc Eugene Roe, his story is also in Band of Brothers.

Ronald Speirs, again, Band of Brothers.

Louie Zamperini, his story was told in the book Unbroken. A movie was made about it and came out in December, as I'm sure most everyone know about at this point

Russell Allen Phillips, Louie's pilot and best friend in the war. The picture is blurry, but this one is my favourite, so....I'm using it

Charlie Brown, bomber pilot who flew over Germany. His plane was badly crippled and he only survived because a German fighter pilot helped him cross the boarder. His story is told in A Higher Call

Franz Stigler, the German pilot who saved Charlie. (For those who haven't, read A Higher Call. Franz was a remarkable man and more people should read his story.)

 Okay, there, point proven. Let's move along now.

 The moving along is fairly brief. I'm sure you are starting to click onto the realization that hit me the other day. The mystery of the dog tags and the handsome soldiers.

 The simple explanation is, what kind of dog tag would want to fall of the neck of any of these men? (And in the case of Speirs, his would have been too frightened to even think of it, handsomeness aside.)

 If you have doubts about this theory I will gladly point out that in the Band of Brothers mini-series Winters dove into and swam around in a lake, and not once did his tags come close to slipping off.

 I can also point out how much weight both Phil and Louie lost while POWs. Their tags could have slipped down over their shoulders, yet did not.

 Point proven.

 I must leave now. I have writing to do.

 But you're very welcome for the solution to the dog tag mystery. I know you were all dying to have that question answered.


 I have three copies of Brothers-in-Arms I have been publishing to test out the formatting. Each is in a different draft stage, but they are sitting around my room taking up space I do not have. I am considering holding a giveaway for the books. Does the idea of that interest anyone?

 That is all for real.

 Quote is from Mr. Peabody and Sherman.




  1. This post is everything perfect. *cheers*

  2. I think the fact the tags are heavy and usually tucked into their shirts has a lot to do with it, but just run with your explanation.

  3. This is awesome! =) I would definitely be interested in the would be great to read Brothers-in-Arms in print form!!

  4. Yes! I want a giveaway! I want (NEED!) Brothers-in-Arms! Please oh pleaaaase!

  5. Thanks for the explanation, though I'm not sure the Vulcans would agree with your logic. xD
    I noticed the handsome WWII men too... I wonder if you had to be handsome to get into the army? Maybe it was all a propaganda plot to get those on the home front to plant more Victory Gardens and work harder in the factories. Or maybe men in the 1940s had something in their genes that just made them more handsome. Or maybe it was the clothes? Because I know a few guys who, if they put on WWII uniforms, would be absolutely dreamy and look like they belong in the 1940s.
    I like the idea of a giveaway! They could be sort of Advanced Reader Copies (ARC).

  6. This is a perfectly reasonable explanation.
    I watched Band of Brothers last year. It's soo good! Although I never finished the last episode....

  7. Haha, this gave me a good chuckle. And YES PLEASE about the give-away! I want to read your "Brothers-in-Arms" story!! If I won, I'd review it. :D

  8. Hahahaaa! XD Going by the title, at first I had no idea what this post would be about. But you brought up a good point! How indeed--how, really--do those dog tags stay on? Hehehe :)

  9. I love the giveway idea! I think our general consensus is that we all need Brothers-in-arms, so please hold the giveaway! :)


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