Thursday, February 12, 2015

"Well, that was disarming."

 I was AWOL yesterday. Naughty me. But, if it helps, I left the house at eight and didn't get home till seven. I then had to catch up on editing work and formatting the book. (SO close to finishing. And I haven't stabbed anyone or anything. Impressed?)

 Unfortunately, while formatting A Stretch of Loyalty is going okay, writing the final book in the trilogy is not working. I'm still pounding out words in an attempt to get the first draft done, but I never like it when first drafts have to be forced. It usually means something with the plot isn't working and I should stop writing until I figure it out.

 In the meantime, I am working on the third Blade book, which makes me feel like I'm accomplishing something at least. I take what I can get most of the time.

 Today I should be talking about characters. Or writing. Or Brothers-in-Arms. Or John's book. (That's right, I am editing John Boswell's first book and we will be publishing it this year.)

 All of that would be something productive to talk about. But I'm not feeling productive. My hands are cold, and the rest of me is cold, and some caramel coffee sounds nice right about now but it's in the kitchen and I'm not. And this is why I need an English butler named Jeeves who pops up out of nowhere faster than Speirs from Band of Brothers, says "You rang," and moonlights as a murderer. (Because we all know its always the butler.)

 Maybe I will just share my exciting, part not exciting news. 

 I entered the Beauty and the Beast short story contest a few months ago. (I mentioned it off and on. I wrote a WWII story of a girl who went into the country to stay and escape the German bombing on London.) My story didn't win and therefore won't be in the book coming out. (Although, I was delighted that three of my friends did win. Three friends whose stories I heard about and was dying to read.) 

 That said, I now have on my hands a novella, as I believe a 20,000 something word story is called. Don't hold me to that. I don't feel like looking up the proper term for it. But since I have this little story just sitting in a back file I decided I might as well let it lose on the world. Therefore, sometime this year - likely in the near future - my little tale will be making its way into print. I even have a cover idea.


 Okay, and there, this post should count for something....I don't know what, but something.

 If anyone has a Jeeves for hire be sure and pass the word along to me.

 I am leaving you now to continue my formatting. Think of me, pity me, and send me cookies and hot chocolate.

 Quote is from Mr. Peabody and Sherman, from when they were trapped in a tomb and a mummy's arm falls off.




  1. You should release that novella. Sorry it didn't win.

  2. *obediently sends cookies and hot chocolate, adding a large cake and some coffee for good measure*

    I WANT A JEEVES TOOOOOO!!! *flail* We seriously must find some Jeeveses and share them. *nod nod*

  3. I hate it when I'm accomplishing things but I don't feel like I'm accomplishing things! It's the worst feeling in the world. If it helps, it sounds like you are getting some great stuff done, even if it feels like you aren't. Why are you reformatting A Stretch of Loyalty? I hope Book Three starts behaving itself soon! I can't wait to read your Beauty and the Beast story. I can hear Frank Sinatra crooning... "It was a very good year... for Beauty and the Beast retellings..."
    Sorry, if I find a Jeeves, I'm keeping him for myself. I'll lend him to you on Fridays.

  4. Everybody needs a Jeeves. Especially writers and other creative types. Someone should start a Jeeves-for-Hire Co.

    Yes, yes! You should definitely publish your B&B story! I am now looking forward to it. :)

    I finished The False Prince. It was amazing. Just amazing. I kind of thought it was he was him. But there was so much duplicity all around, I could never tell for certain. I love Sage as a character though! He was the best main character I've seen in such a long time! He's so saucy and defiant. I love that. The writing itself was so tight. There was never a dull moment. Something was always happening. I want to write like that. Really, I'm just in awe. I can't over it. And Mott, I like Mott. :)

  5. I'm sad that you didn't win the contest. Your Beauty and the Beast story was so cute and I LOVED Chip. He was adorable 8-D


  6. I hate your B&B story didn't win a spot. Mine didn't either, I fear. But I'm THRILLED you're still releasing it to the world. People need to read it. It was just sooo cute and touching!


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