Monday, February 02, 2015

"You stranded me on an island in the middle of a swamp." "I was only trying to be a good mother."

 I am taking a break from my usual posts this week to join in a Lord of the Rings blog party being hosted by my good friend Bella, or as I call her, Ben. The party is HERE!

 Today she has a tag. 

 1. How were you introduced to Tolkien?
 Through the first movie. We rented it, and I didn't really like it, but after the second I went and got all the books from my library. I read them all in a week each, before the third movie came out.

 2. Did you read the books before the movies or after? 
 In between.

 3. Do you like Tolkien's style of writing?
 Yes, I love it.

 4. Do you like the film adaption?
 Yes. It might get me kicked out of Tolkien clubs but I love all six movies. 

 5. What is one thing from the books that you wish Peter Jackson had included in the films?
 Nothing comes to mind.

 6. What is one thing from the books that you are glad Peter Jackson cut/ changed?
 All the walking? I mean in the movie you know they walked a lot, but it doesn't feel as long. Tolkien made sure to remind us they walked a lot 8-D

7. What character do you think ahs the most strength and courage?
 I have to cheat, because I think all of them in their own way. 

 8. Which character do you think you are most like?
 Pippin. I am clueless because I don't pay attention, I would drop a rock down a well to see how deep it is even if my friends and I were in a cave with goblins around, I would twist the arrow to see what happens and would drop the skelition down. I ask stupid questions at the worse possible time, and I'd be lost without my best friend. I also like to think I'd scour a battle field for her...but it would depend on the day. Also I LOVE food. 

 10 Which is your favorite paring? 
 Faramir and Eowyn. Both had cool siblings. Both were adorable. Both needed a bit of happiness. (I mean, Faramir's dad told him to go out and die and then tried to burn him alive. And Eowyn saw her adopted dad brainwashed and then half snacked on.)

 11. Which middle-earth villain terrified you the most?
 The Witch King of Agmar. That guy...wish his mace, and his insane pet. 

 12 What is your favorite quote from the books?
 I don't have time to look all of it up and I'm too tired to remember it word for word, but the "All that is gold does not glitter, not all who wander are lost."

 13 What is your favorite quote from the movie?
 "You offer the world hope." (Again, I am so sleepy don't hold me word for word.) "I keep none for myself." This because it was the moment ARAGORN PULLED HIS EPIC SWORD OUT AND IT WAS SO LONG IT ALMOST HIT THE TOP OF THE TENT.

14. Given the choice would you spend the day with a hobbit or an elf?
 Hobbit. They would feed me. 

 14. Mirkwood or Moria?
 Moria. I;d take Goblins over spiders.

 16. What is your favourite Middle Earth Dress/ Style?
 The Hobbit dresses. And the cloaks. 

 17. Red, brown, small and round. What did you think of?
 A worm....

 18 Rivendell or Lothorien?
 I can't pick. Rivendell has the sword, but Lothorien has the cool tree houses.

 19 Would you rather visit Rohan or Gondor?

 20 What is something of Middle Earth that completely astounds you?
 They have Rangers with Epic swords. 

 Now I have to go. I have a ton of work to do still.

 Quote is from Into the Woods.




  1. They would feed you - funny.
    Yes, I'm glad most of the walking was cut.
    And hey, I dug all six films as well.

  2. Excellent quote from Into the Woods, and I agree - I would rather hang out with the Hobbits. And, I'm glad that most of the walking was cut. I read LOTR out loud to my kids and we occasionally skipped a page or two in the second and third books.
    I liked the films too, but I wanted a little more time with Beorn.

  3. YOU JOINED!!!! *hops on you in a tackle* I would never kick you out of the Tolkien club!!!! I happen to love the movies too!!! I haven't seen the last Hobbit yet, so I can't give a review on it, but I did like the first one quite a bit. It as fun 8-D They have a perfect Bilbo so even if I don't like the last movie I will love Bilbo.

    That scene with Aragorn and his sword makes me want to jump up and down and squeal. He pulls it out and it goes SHINK!!!!! and it is all big and powerful and its like, as tall as he is and it has a cool hilt. I LOVE THE BLADE THAT WAS BROKEN!!!!!! *throws confetti*

    The Witch-King is evil. I hate him. Nasty Nazgul killed Théoden, yes he did.

    As for what you said about Faramir and Eowyn, indeed!! ITs very true



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