Tuesday, March 31, 2015

"I told her I'd take her away where no one could find us." "This would work."

 Wherein Jack announces winners!!

 I might leave this post up the rest of this week. One because I want to make sure all the winners see - since I believe one doesn't have a blog and I don't have her email and I want to make sure I get in contact with her. Another because with settling in, trying to post on top of all that might get interesting. (As in the run around with my hands waving in the air as I shout for help kind of way)

 The drive down went well, for all those dying to know about my health. However, by the end of two days in a car I was ready to strangle someone. (Not my driving buddy, probably just some random stranger.) I also discovered driving through Utah can drive even the sanest person insane - and since I was never sane to start with I was at a higher risk.
 The biggest thing with Utah is there are no gas stations along the route we came. After you leave Colorado there's desert...and more desert...and then some more. Its a pretty desert, but a desert nonetheless. By the time I reached the other end my car was begging for gas.

 I shall have to do a proper post on the journey later.

 Right now, the exciting part.


 I had to fiddle some things to find three winners, but I now have them.

 First up we have HANNAH JOY!! (I don't have your email, and you don't seem to have a blog. So if you could please email me so I can get your address?)

 Second is RAECHEL!! (Sadly, your blog won't let me leave a comment, so if you could please email me your address?)

 And third is EMILY!!

 Thank you all so much for entering!! I hope you had fun! And life should be back to normal, blogging wise, next week. For now, I'm trying to adjust and all that loveliness.

 Quote is from the Unbroken deleted scenes. When Phil is being his adorable self and talking about Cecy and Louie is being his sassy self because he's sassy and amazing.




  1. Glad you arrived safely (though perhaps a little less sane. That's okay; are any of us really sane? Nay, I don't think so. Not if you write at least... ;))

    Whoohoo!!! Soo very excited to see my name!! Can't wait to read this book. :)
    Thank you Jack! I emailed ya. =)

  2. I've never been through Utah, but I hear it's a whole lot of nothing!

    Yay!! I'm SO excited to hold a paperback version of Brothers-in-Arms! Can't wait! Thank you!!

  3. WHAT?



    YESSSSS!!! THANK YOU! Emailing you right now. :-)

  4. Congratulations to the winners!
    Sorry the drive was a bit boring. Out west there are so many open spaces and no gas stations. For miles...

  5. Jack ~ I totally agree with you about desert. No matter how pretty and/or dramatic it is, at the end of the day, it is a desert. And usually hot with it. It makes you feel like Haddock in Tin Tin.

    I'm glad you did not strangle your driving companion :-)

  6. Hi there - I am popping over from Tyrean's 'feature' post to say hi! :D

    Though I'm Australian, I have driven through some of Utah before. I loved it, but I guess I was biased as a wide-eyed teen. ;)

  7. Congratulations to the winners!

    And, yes, DEFINITELY fill your car with gas before driving into remote areas. It's worth it, though, because the scenery is incredible. If you went the route I'm assuming you did, they even warn you ahead of time that it's the last gas available for X miles.

    Glad you made it okay!

  8. I'm also over from Tyrean's. Great to meet you and congrats to you and the winners!

  9. Congrats to the winners!

    If you thought Utah was monotonous, never, EVER drive through Montana. Seriously, it is the most boring state ever. Beautiful, yes... but boring, especially if you drive straight through it.


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