Monday, March 16, 2015

"I'm all right...stop looking at me like that!"

 Wherein Jack is happy

 I am pleased to announce that my COMPUTER IS BACK! Also, Phil helped me rename my computer doctor, since Not Roe just doesn't work. He is now the Quack. (For those who haven't read the book and should have by now, the Quack was the batty "doctor" in Unbroken who liked to experiment on the POWs.) Only best friends give incriminating nicknames to your computer doctor.

 I'm now downloading the updated Itunes thing so I can watch Phil tell Mac he's going to run away with Cecy and hide where no one can find them. (Bet you didn't guess that was first thing on my to do list when I got my laptop back...)

I now have two weeks before I move. I'm all packed aside from those annoying last minute things you have to throw in. Like my tooth brush. And my cloak. I also have to wash my car, take it in for a check up - no, it is not going to a Quack - and say goodbye to the town I've lived my whole life in.

 I'm also going to get back on top of the Brothers-in-Arms giveaway! You still have two weeks to enter!! (Hint, hint)

 That's about all I have right now. Okay, to be honest, I could say more, but PHIL RUNNING AWAY WITH CECY. See? Priorities my friends.

 One last thing. Emily Ann wrote a short story as part of the giveaway! Be sure and check it out HERE!!!

 Quote is from Band of Brothers, after Nix is shot in the head - well, helmet - and Winters panics because he saw the whole thing.




  1. Glad your computer - and you - are back!
    Now, go be distracted.

  2. It’s a really great post! Thank you for sharing!
    Like your blog very much!)

    p.s. new post - how I met Victoria Beckham

    Diana Cloudlet

  3. Hi, Jack,

    All the best with your move and your healthy computer!

  4. Best wishes with your move and your newly revived pc!

  5. Hurrah that you got your computer fixed! It's horrible to have a broken computer.

  6. I just watched that episode from Band of Brothers last night and I was thinking, "Wasn't that the title of Jack's blog post?!" =) So glad your computer is working again!


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