Thursday, March 12, 2015

"It was kind of daring"

 Remember I said I might not be around much this month? Well that didn`t count me falling off the face of the planet without a word.

 Here`s what happened...

 My computer got a virus. It is being doctored. The doctor is not Eugene Roe. The doctor doesn`t understand I need to get my hands on the digital copy of Unbroken and watch Phil being adorable in the deleted scenes. The doctor is putting my limited patience to the test.

 Shall I emerged victorous? Shall I come out of this a better person with a better character and a strong dose of parience? 

 Could be....

 More likely I will start going raving mad, go down, and beg my doctor on my hands and knees to hurry.

 Sadly, I doubt said computer doctor understands the importance of movie Phil telling movie Mac about how he has plans to run away and hide with movie Cecy.

 This is why computer doctors who are not Roe need to get out more. (Says the person who spends her weekends holed up in her room crying over dead WWII guys.)

 Moving on.

 That`s why I went AWOL

 That`s why my project got postponed.

 That`s why I`m not writing a humorous book.



 I should be posting more. Computer or not. I can borrow my mum`s Ipad (as I am doing tonight) or go to the library and be all spyish and not let it slip the girl everyone knows in town is the not so famous Jack Lewis Baillot, the insane Author.

 Life has been feeling insane. My room is a mess from packing. My room is my safe hidey hole, when it is messy I feel like the world has invaded my sanctuary and I don`t handle that well. I`ve been coping by listening to audiobooks and reading more WWII books and ranting about the fact I can`t stand Catch-22. It could have been such a good book, but it had faults I can`t overlook in books.

 Typing on this bity keyboard takes a talent I don`t have, just in case anyone was wondering.

 Aw, before I forget. Two posts ago one of my readers who does not have a blog asked if they could join in the giveaway. I didn`t catch the comment until last night, but if you`re reading this then yes, you can enter. Just email me, or leave your entry in the comments and I will add your name.

   That`s about it. Aside from the Phil pain I can`t watch life has been dull and nerve wracking. (I`m not the best mover in the world. I`m a bit too much like a Hobbit. I love my hole and am concerned I will leave behind my pocket handkercheif.)

 That`s all. This Ipad hates me and is being wonky. I`d best end this before I blow something up.

 I hope to return soon. Till then...ENTER MY GIVEAWAY 8-D

 That is all.

 Quote is from the Unbroken book when Phil talks about flying past first story windows in his B-24 bomber.




  1. Ah, good to know you haven't fallen off the face of the earth - I was starting to get a bit worried, since you hadn't responded to my email in ... longer than it usually takes you. (Did you get it, by the way?)

    No computer stinks - and that's currently what I'm suffering though as well. I, luckily, can use my younger siblings' computer for blogging and writing purposes, since, for the record, I hate blogging on my tablet. It's a tiny keyboard, and even then doesn't leave enough room for the textbox itself.

    So lots of condolences from this quarter.

  2. Ahh I CANNOT wait to get Unbroken on DVD. So stinkin' excited! =) And wow, I'm very impressed that this post was typed on an ipad! You've got skills. I would probably end up throwing the ipad at the wall in frustration. =) Hope your computer is fixed soon!

    And can I just say YES to this – "Says the person who spends her weekends holed up in her room crying over dead WWII guys." Glad I'm not the only one!! hahaha!

    I'll be posting my WWII story for your giveaway on Monday. =)

  3. UNBROKEN COMES OUT IN LIKE A WEEK! Okay, maybe ten days. But about a week. I'm so excited!

    I'm sorry about the mess. I can't stand when my stuff is not in it's place. "A place for everything and everything in its place." I feel those are words to live by.

  4. If my sister wouldn't judge me so I'd turn on the sound of my computer and try to send the scene to you in parts via instagram....but I'd get so hard-core judged for that. So I shall have to wait for an afternoon she is gone.

    Or I could just smile and wait for you to get your computer back from the Quack. Cause yeah. It's the Quack. (only those who have read Unbroken would get that reference...which makes me feel sneaky).

    Aaaaand that's all.





    I'm sorry I haven't been commenting.

    I totally understand the fear of the move, but try not to worry. I will hug you and squeeze you and call you George.


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