Wednesday, March 18, 2015

"Kiss me, Hardy. Kiss me QUICK!"

 Phil helped me pick the next Brothers-in-Arms character introduction. I am doing a post on him instead of writing because I'm responsible like that. *Cough*

 Today I am doing Samuel Winters.

 I've mentioned Sam in Jimmy's post. Master Sargent Samuel Winters is Jimmy's copilot when he is flying reconnaissance missions over Germany.

 I never say Sam's age in the book. This is partly because I never settled on his exact age until this resent draft, and even now I shift back and forth sometimes. Now is a good time to decide.

 Sam is Twenty-Nine. He's an Irishman who lived in Ireland until he was seven. After that his family moved to America were his dad changed their last name in an attempt to fit into their new home. Sam is short, maybe five four or five five. He has red hair and green eyes, and something of an American accent, but when he gets scared or upset he sounds a hundred present Irish. Jimmy found this out early on after they met and did all he could to annoy him so Sam would sound Irish.

 Sam lived in New York State before he joined up in the air force. He lived with his parents and grandmother and worked in a little shop in the small town he lived in. Every summer he and his family would go camping, and that was about the extent of their grand adventures. They're a quiet family, like to spend evenings at home, and go on Sunday walks around their town and down country lanes.

 When Pearl Harbor was attacked Sam joined up the next day, as many other men did. He was only ever a copilot. He could have trained to be a pilot but never did, though he would never tell anyone why. (He didn't think he'd make a good pilot and would only crash his plane or get someone else killed.

 Before Jimmy arrived, Sam's pilot was a Colorado native named Chris Johnson. During a flight their plane was hit by anti aircraft guns. Chris was badly wounded but managed to get his plane back. He lost his arm from the shrapnel which hit him and was sent back home, which left Sam without a pilot.

 There is about ten years difference between Sam and Jimmy, but in spite of that Sam never felt older than Jimmy. (Sam never really felt his age. There is a boyishness about him and even though he is one of the older reconnaissance men all the others tend to look after him.) The pilots all look up to Sam and admire him even if they won't admit it. When Jimmy asks them about Sam they calm there is no man better than Sam Winters.

 When they are shot down and kept in a basement for two years it is Sam who forces Jimmy to keep most of his sanity. I have a feeling if Sam hadn't been there Jimmy would have jumped out the little window and got into a fist fight with some of the Nazis.

 Even though Sam is used to being the one who was always looked after he takes it on himself to look after Japhet and bandage him up when he comes back from his missions.

 Sam's biggest wish is to get out of the war in one piece and get back home to his family. He worries because after two years of missing in action without a word his family will have been sent news that he died. His plan is to get back to base and write his mom a "Not Dead" letter.

 Now...I think I will just leave. Maybe go and put some socks on before my toes freeze and fall off.

 Quote is from the book Code Name Verity. It's probably the single most painful line I've ever read in a book.




  1. Sam is pretty cool. I hope that when he shows up on his parents doorstep he doesn't show up mustachioed and with a French accent. "It is, you may say, like a... face from the past. ...It is familiar, but with a quality of surprise! Short version... not dead."

  2. Sam sounds awesome. I want to read this book so bad, but I'm running into a wall with inspiration, and I want to write a short story to enter your contest....but, like I said....inspiration is hard to come by.

  3. I enjoyed reading about Sam. I can totally relate to an accent change when scared/nervous. I sound I guess standard American (what you see on normal TV), but when I get really nervous, my Southern accent comes out more.

  4. It's nice meeting Sam. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Sam! I like Sam. He's kind of the one who keeps everyone sane and stable during insane and unstable times. I like people like that. (I kind of hope I get to be a Sam like that. . .)


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