Wednesday, March 04, 2015

"The only hope you have is to accept the fact that you're already dead."

 I forgot I have a gran giveaway planned!! Forgetfulness is going to be a thing this month I fear. Bare with me. (Bear? Whichever it might be.)

 That aside, GIVEAWAY!!

 As I said, I have three copies of Brothers-in-Arms in paperback sitting around my room doing nothing. I will note here, NONE of these copies are completed. I am still working on the book, therefore, each of them has a different set of editing mistakes. I'm not asking everyone who reads the book to write a review, but if you would it would be lovely and help me and the book out so much. And if you do review, I don't ask for a favorable one, but an honest one, so even if you hate it I won't hold it against the reader. I suppose what I'm saying is just asking to bare in mind that it is still being edited.

 Now that we have that out of the way, I will tell you about the rules. Rules. Because I'm an Evil Overlord and must have evil rules.


 Since my book is WWII I think the giveaway should be WWII themed, but I hate to just pick one point. (Such as having you all writing a short WWII story, because not everyone writes, or likes to write short stories.) We therefore must expand. 

 Send me anything related to WWII. 

 Let me explain that.

 For the rest of the month - because I don't think I can draw winners and mail things while trying to pack and working on a surprise project and spend time with my family - you can send me anything that has to do with WWII. Following is a list of ideas to get you started.

 Short stories

 Artwork. (Must be something you've drawn)

 Outfits. (They must have a WWII theme. Might be fun to see who can come up with the best uniform look alike.)

 Posts on WWII heroes.

 I'd even accept WWII humor. (Examples as follows.)

This isn't made by someone, so this wouldn't count, but I needed something to smile about and Phil sent me this, and I am sharing it, so there.

 The idea is to post your creations on your own blogs and link back to me. (For those doing something related to pictures, if you wold like you can send me what you come up with - outfits, art, or like the one above - I would love to share them on my blog so everyone else can see as well.)

 If you would help spread the word about my giveaway, through facebook, your blogs, or twitter I would be delighted.

 To enter to win in the contest all posts must be linked back to me or I won't know who entered.

 I will be putting all names on slips of paper and drawing three winners at the end of the month. You may enter more than once, but each entry needs to be in a separate post and linked to me separately so I know.

 If you could link back to my blog with your entries I would be grateful.

 Because I have been printing the books to test formatting they are in three various stages of editing, and are used copies. None of the copies are exactly the same since I've been editing between printing. Therefore, I will do it this way.
 The first name I draw will receive the newest edition, and then on down the line. The story is the same, just different things have been added in the newest one.

 As I said, reviews aren't required as part of the giveaway, but I would be really grateful for them. Especially if you wouldn't mind posting them in Goodreads and your blogs.

 I think that covers it. I'm off for now then, but please comment if you have questions and concerns. The more entries, the more the word is spread, the better chance Brothers-in-Arms have in the world, so anything would be a big help to me and this book.

Quote is from Band of Brothers, when Speirs gives a motivational talk to one of the soldiers.




  1. It's bear, Jack. (Trust me, you don't want us to bare with you. That would be ... inappropriate)

    I see what I can do about entering. WWII isn't my favorite chapter of history, but it's interesting nonetheless. I'll see if I can find something interesting in my brain about that era.

  2. I will be happy to share it Monday for you!

  3. Does a review of a WWII book (The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich) count as an entry?

  4. Cool giveaway! I love the idea. Maybe at the end you could post links to everyone's posts—I'd love to read them all!

  5. Cool idea for a giveaway. I agree with Abbey that you should post links to your entries. They'd be great reading.

  6. Hi Jack! I have a question, uh, I don't have a blog or any of those other things (hence the Anonymous) but I do have a Pinterest. I was wondering if it was possible to enter by uploading my artwork, picture, etc. on there instead... also, I was wondering if you're allowed to enter one thing in each of those topics? Or just one entry in all? Thanks! ~A


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