Tuesday, April 14, 2015

"I don't want a big funeral. I just want a few of my close friends to get together...and try to bring me back to life."

 I was tagged by Christine, her blog is HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, and since it is a fun tag I'm doing it.

 The Rules are simple. 

 Go to page 7 of your Work-in-Progress

 Scroll down to line 7

 Share the next 7 lines.

 Tag 7 people.

 So here they are! I'm doing two Works-in-Progress since I'm working on both equally. One is Brothers-in-Arms and the other my not so much talked about Camp NaNo book.


 “It happens more often than you'd think,” Mrs. Buchanan answered. “A baby is fed by a tube while in the womb. Then one day it comes out into the cold world and it isn't fed anymore and has to eat on its own. And no one is there to give it instructions.”
Japhet grinned and dug his elbow into Franz's side.
Bet you needed instructions, since I wasn't around yet to help you out.”
Franz pounced on him and knocked him to the floor as Mr. and Mrs. Buchanan continued their baby conversation.
Gert said we can come over and see the baby now. You have to come with me, so it won't be strange that I'm over there.”
It wasn't easy holding Japhet down. He was smaller than Franz, skinner and could squirm away. He wiggled like a fish and slithered across the floor. Franz jumped up and threw himself on top of him again, pinning him by the couch. They both banged loudly onto the floor but Japhet's parents said nothing.
You need more babies in your life,” Mrs. Buchanan said.

Even though the man ignored Gene, Gene began to feel his temper fraying. The non stop questions annoyed him and he had a feeling the soldier was trying to bait Phil somehow. Phil took it all in stride but Gene had had enough. He squared his shoulders and curled his hands into fists, at the same time Phil glanced at him. He grinned, and then grinned at the other two soldiers.
Well, this has been fun,” Phil said. He stood up and drained the rest of his beer. “We'll have to do it again.” He smiled Gene. “See you later I guess,” he said, and without another word made his way out of the bar. Gene and the other two watched him go, then the soldier who'd been grilling Phil stood up and winked at Gene.
Phil doesn't have a temper,” he said.
Gene tipped his head slightly to the side but said nothing as the other soldier grinned.
At least not one we've found yet,” he said, “we've been trying to get him to blow since he arrived, but so far we've gotten nowhere.”
We just need time,” the first one said.
No temper. Curious, Gene glanced at the door Phil had gone through. He never thought it humanly possible for someone to not have a temper.
Camp NaNo Book

 I'm really sleepy, and I don't feel like being clever and tagging people. So I'm going to be lazy and say the first seven people to comment are the ones I'm tagging.

 Quote is from Get Smart. I don't remember which episode, but going by the nature of the quote it's safe to say Max said it. I assume it was during an episode he was asked to do something particularity dangerous which he felt would get him killed.

 That is all.




  1. I was just gonna steal this anyway...But I suppose I can follow your rules. So I'm commenting. Howdy.

  2. Aw, I miss the Franz and Japhet from that snippet...
    I love the second one! Once, my uncle said to me, "Abbey, one day you are going to lose it, and I want to be there to see it." lol. Not sure if that means I'm a time bomb, or just a really, really calm person.

  3. I guess I am tagged! lol

    GENE! PHIL!!


  4. You did it! YAAAY!!!!

    I absolutely adored the snippets! I haven't even read it yet and I'm already in love with Franz and Japhet. And now I want to hear more about this CampNaNo story!

  5. Brothers in Arms!! I love that part. :) So much. I wish I could hug Franz and Japhet right now.

    And the other one? This WIP sounds really interesting. I hope Camp NaNo is going well.

    I think I'll have to try this sometime. It sounds like fun.


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