Thursday, April 02, 2015

"Land feels funny."

 Wherein Jack is writing

 Shocking, right?! An Author who writes!! Who does that, what is this world coming to?!

 I'm doing Camp NaNo with my friend BEN. I seem to end up giving boy nicknames to all my friends...though in all fairness it was she who came up with that nickname. ANYWAYS. Keep on subject here.

 I didn't sign up on the site on time, so you won't find my name and the name of my book there. Instead, I will just announce in here.


 How's that?

 I don't think I'll talk about the story yet. I have enough going on my blog right now between Brothers-in-Arms, The Loyalty Trilogy, and the Haphazard Series.

 I will give a hint though.

 It has three boys...I guess young men. Their names are Phil, Gene, and Charlie. And there will be planes, and a puppy. And a battle or two. And some fist fights.

 There, how's that?

 I'm also working on reading through the third Haphazard book and working on figuring out why the plot isn't working. Such lovely fun.

 And I've begun work on my secret project, which I will reveal on Wednesday! Watch for it. I order you.

 There, I've summarized my writing. I must be off now.

 Quote is from Unbroken, when Phil and Louie are finally off the rafts and locked up on Execution Island.




  1. And a puppy? Now you have me intrigued.

  2. Hello! Nice to *meet* you--I stopped by from Tyrean Martinson's shout out to you on her blog. Yay for Camp NaNo! :)

  3. Hope you have fun at Camp NaNo! I'm thinking of attending the camp in July...

  4. Good blessings (instead of luck!) on your writing for this Camp NaNo! Have fun :)

  5. Camp NaNo. *wipes brow* It's been tough. Hope it's going well for you though!

  6. Sounds exciting! Hope it goes well!

  7. Have fun at camp! Can't wait to hear more about the super secret project! My reading has come to a screeching halt lately, but one of my reading goals this year is to get caught up on your books! I need to read Abolished, and the Loyalty books!!! So excited about both!


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