Monday, April 06, 2015

"One was a book thief, the other stole the sky."

 Look! I'm doing things normally around here again. Aren't you proud of me?

 I did decide to do another book for Music Monday. Not that I'm getting tired of Brothers-in-Arms. I was skimming over it last night though and was again tempted to throw it out a window. I think I'm to the point where I want it published so I don't have to edit it anymore.

 That isn't why I'm picking a new book. It's because I've been writing my new NaNo one and I should use some of the songs that have been sent to me for that one. (As I've mentioned before, I rarely find songs which fit my books. Most of the time it is beta readers and my friends who send them to me.)

 I feel like I should add a disclaimer to this video. I just don't know which kind. Maybe something like, "TYPICAL TEENAGE GIRL SONGS DO NOT FIT MY BOOK! If living in the modern world, the boys in my story would not go around listening to these songs. This one just really fits them. BUT TRUST ME, THEY ARE QUITE MANLY YOUNG MEN!" There, you get the idea.

 That is all. Other than the fact it snowed last night. I was going to start jogging again, but it seems even the weather is telling me to be lazy. One can't argue with the weather, right? 

 Quote is from The Book Thief. It's a line which is talking about Lisel and Max, and it hurts....but not in the agonizing sort of way.



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