Thursday, April 16, 2015

"Sorry. I'm afraid all I can do is keep you cold."

 I was editing Brothers-in-Arms....YET and stumbled across the character I've decided to do an introduction on next. (Okay, that isn't how it worked. I was going to tell you about my job hunting experience, but I will save that. You see, what happened was, I was editing and I got to the character I will be talking about and I started to cry over him. And me being me, I figured, if I have to cry over someone all of you have to at least be sad if not cry with me. So sit down at cry, or at least give me the benefit of the doubt and take my word for it that this little man HURTS and you should be sad over him.)

 Levi Kriegsman.

 Levi is one of the young men who is part of the resistance. He is tall, average build, with dark brown hair and brown eyes. For most of the book he is Fifteen-years-old but looks older than he is. Everyone in the resistance who knows him assumes he is at least seventeen if not eighteen.

 Levi is a Jew. His family still follows the traditional practices. He lives with his mother, younger sister Michal, and his father in Berlin. At the start of all the trouble, a friend of theirs helped them get new papers, which changed their names and everything on them so they would appear to have not one trace of Jewish blood in their heritage. This happened because Mr. Kriegsman refused to leave Berlin, where he'd grown up. He now acts like a perfect German while carrying on his Jewish traditions in secret.

 Mr. Kriegsmen doesn't believe in fighting. He is convinced if the Jews hadn't fought back, those who did, then none of them would have been sent to the camps in the first place. He and Levi argue over this often, as Levi believes the only way to make it through the war alive is to stand up to Hitler.

 Levi joins the resistance in secret. He doesn't tell anyone his new German name or his real last name. All he ever goes by is Levi. His desire to fight nearly gets him killed more than once after he first joins, but at the same time he isn't used to the things he witnesses the Nazis doing. Also the slight of blood makes him sick.

 When he is not with the resistance, Levi spends most of his time with Michal. They are close, only being one year apart. In spite of their closeness, Levi doesn't even tell Michal about the resistance. He tries to help her believe everything is okay, he takes her shopping and to the park and on long walks. In the winter they like to sit in their parlor and read together. They often take turns reading out loud to each other.

 Levi's dad also believes the Jews should return to Israel. Though he tells no one this, Levi has plans to go there after the war and attempt to help reclaim his country.

 Talkative and outgoing, Levi sometimes forget he's trying to pass himself off as older and tends to act like a little boy from time to time. In spite of this, he never turns down missions. He works as hard as the older men in the resistance. He is devoted to his work and more than anything wants to help the Jews, especially those like his little sister who are forced to live in hiding and always be on the alert.

 Levi is another side character. He came about in the first draft, but his story was unexpected. I didn't have much planned for him, he was just a fighter I named in an attempt to keep everyone straight and bring more life into the story. At the time I had no idea the important role he would come to play, and I don't think I've yet recovered from him.

 Quote is from Rise of the Guardians. 




  1. Levi sounds like an awesome character :)

  2. Levi... Oh Levi... I love him. I adore him. <3

  3. Levi sounds amazing!

    But agh, your quote title killed me this time around. I love ROTG.

  4. I can't remember. You kill him don't you.

  5. I can see how Levi can turn from a minor, barely mentioned character to something so much more.

  6. I like it when minor characters become major. :)

  7. Levi! *sniff* I didn't know anything about his family. I think it's cool that although he and his father have their differences, they still agree on some things. And I love how devotedly he fights for what he believes in.

    Reading out loud to each other! That is one of the best sibling relationships I've heard of!


    oh, one thing. you know the graphic design i did for you? my design blog is no longer in existence so you don't have to keep the credit button. if you still want to credit me, though, you can leave my name (abby ollila) and a link to my blog, thank you!

    i love your blog so much, jack. i read it quite often although i've been a bit of a silent reader. your stories are beautiful...

  9. Hi Jack,

    I'm a new reader...I read your interview on Homeschool Authors and thought your book (and you!) sounded quite interesting, so I came over. :) I love your blog and am very much looking forward to reading Brothers-in-Arms.

    I have written a book and am in the final stages of editing. On my own blog, I want to introduce my characters (like you and many other authors do), using photos I find on pinterest that match my characters. The first picture of Levi perfectly matches one of my characters (one I haven't been able to find a suitable photo of), but I wanted to make sure that it was okay to use it on my blog. :)

    Thank you!


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