Wednesday, April 29, 2015

"Such language! Don't listen to him, Tintin, even in Arabic."

 As I said in my LAST POST I'm revealing the characters who appear in my short Beauty and the Beast re-telling, Finding the Magic. In the last post I introduced the three main characters, in this post I will give you a chance to meet the side characters. Then, on the 8th of May I will reveal the cover and release date for this story.

 Mrs. Potts.
 She'd rather I not give her age. She is a middle aged woman, but more important than that, she is Chip's mother. A French born woman, she loves cooking, and she tends to mother everyone around her, even if they are older than she is. (Such as Adam Prince.)
 Mrs. Potts can usually be found in her beloved kitchen. If she isn't there then it is likely she's breaking up fights between the other two servants or keeping Chip from breaking his neck while doing something stupid.
 A devoted servant, Mrs. Potts has been with Mr. Prince's family for years. That is one reason she is so sad to see Mr. Prince locked up in his rooms all the time. She knew him before, when he was happy and always laughing.

 A tall and lanky servant in the mansion, Lumiere is everything one would expect from a Frenchman. He loves to talk, but he especially loves to talk to ladies. Sweet and charming, the only reason he's not married is probably because there are no ladies other than Mrs. Potts still working at the mansion. Shockingly, he doesn't get out much, likely because the horse is too old to ride into town that often.
 Lumiere keeps things bright around the mansion, along with the help of Chip. Lumiere is always smiling, singing, and tormenting Cogsworth. When he gets especially bored he sneaks into the kitchen and raids the cupboards when Mrs. Potts isn't looking.

 Unlike Lumiere, Cogsworth is quiet and would like to keep to himself all day if possible. He has a small tolerance for people and the only one he doesn't mind seeing day in and day out is Mrs. Potts. This is because she feeds him and doesn't hide behind tapestries to try and scare him. She also doesn't threaten to drop chandeliers on his head like Lumiere and Chip do.
 When he isn't busy keeping repairs up on the mansion, something Lumiere is supposed to help with but rarely does, Cogsworth can be found in his room repairing clocks. He keeps the door locked as Lumiere took to opening it and shouting at him from time to time throughout the day.

 And that is them! Everyone who will appear in the story.

 I'm not going to post on Friday as I first had planned. I believe I'm going to the midnight showing of the Avengers (I'm even dressing up, so ha!), and then I work early Friday morning. When I get off work I plan to be incredibly lazy and do something like sleep or crash and be a hermit over the weekend. 

 Quote is from the Tintin book, Land of the Black Gold. It's the line where Snowy is looking after Tintin after a batty rebel leader gets conked on the head.




  1. I am dying so much over the quote you used as a title. XDDD The Tintin books are life. XD I love them so much.

    The other day I was walking through the store and I hear, "Hannah!" and, quite honestly figuring that they were calling out to someone else because there are a lot of Hannahs in the world, I literally thought, "Some poor chap in trouble." (from Cigars of the Pharaoh as I'm sure you know). XD So great. And it did turn out being me that the person was calling to. Agh. XD

  2. Love your characters, their attributes, and passions! :) Wonderful introduction!

  3. Cogsworth and Lumeire, I love those names! They sound awesome.

    I can't wait till it comes out. It sounds amazing!


  5. Love the sounds of the characters - authentic yet unique!! Can't wait to read it. :)

  6. Big Tintin fan, so this post makes me grin. :)

  7. Yay for Tintin quotes!! Also, that story sounds amazing. I can't wait to read it.

    Vicki Grace

  8. I am very much looking forward to reading this story! I love that you incorporated so many references to the characters Disney created, but it sounds like you're giving them your own unique twist!

  9. Love the Tintin quote. Also love your characters' names! They sound like such a loveable intriguing gang.


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