Friday, April 10, 2015

"We jumped out a window!"

 It is time for another character introduction.

 Today I'm doing Warren, since I was editing and crying over the book again last night and Warren is one of the few characters who doesn't leave me curled up somewhere wishing I could stuff this book in a dark hole and never have to look at it again.

 Warren Faust.

 I've already mentioned Warren in CALEB WEBBER'S post. The two are Jews and best friends with a German - they're all German, but the other one is not a Jew - named Karl.

 Appearance wise, Warren is tall and muscular. His hair is dark brown, almost black and his eyes are blue. He's also very handsome, but doesn't realize it. (Mostly because he's always too busy getting into trouble, fighting Nazis, or drinking coffee.) He is 26 during most of the story.

 Warren is a Jew, as I've already said. His family followed the Jewish traditions but not as strictly as some of their neighbors, namely the Webbers. Warren did have plans to enter the ministry as a boy and become a rabbi. After he becomes a Christian Warren changed his plans and began to study to become a pastor. All of this changed after the Night of the Broken Glass.

(Little Warren, Karl, and Annie)

 At the time of the event Warren was studying at college. He didn't hear about it until later when Karl sought him out and told him about what had happened to Annie, Caleb's wife. Seeing his best friend driven slightly insane because of what the Nazis did, Warren decided it was time to fight back.

 Giving up his studies, Warren joined the Resistance. Over time he became one of their best fighters. Usually he worked outside of Berlin, mostly sabotaging everything he could get his hands on. He was almost worse than Caleb when it came to blowing things up.

 As a boy, Warren was always getting into trouble and doing dangerous things. He doesn't change over time. If there is anything dangerous which needs to be done in the resistance everyone knows Warren is likely to be in the middle of it.

(Older Karl, Warren, and Annie)

 Loud spoken and opinionated, Warren isn't afraid to speak his mind. Yet, in spite of all his rough edges, Warren would do anything for his friends. He's something like a huge German Shepherd, biting at the throat of everyone he doesn't like and cuddling with those he loves.

 Warren is a side character in the book. He's one of the ones who keeps an eye on Franz and Japhet when they enter Berlin. It is his job to get them and their family out of Germany alive. And he takes that job very seriously. He's the sort of guy you'd want as your best friend and not your enemy.

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 Quote is from Big Hero 6




  1. I like Warren. From the sound of it, I'll like his whole story.

  2. This sounds soooooo cool! I'm excited! I can't wait till my copy comes in the mail! Warren sounds adorable.

  3. Warren is such a cool name.
    Also, Milo Ventimiglia <3



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