Thursday, April 23, 2015

"What would you do if you were about to be exposed as the biggest polluter of modern times?" "I don't for president!"

 Since I am working on the release for my Beauty and the Beast re-telling, Finding the Magic, I decided I should introduce the characters. Since it is a short story I'm not going to reveal them the way I've been doing for Brothers-in-Arms. Instead, I will be doing them in two posts. The main characters this Friday and the side characters next. After that, on the 8th of May I will be revealing the cover and release date.

 I think I should have a nice lead up to this, but that was the best I could come up with. Therefore, I will let you meet the characters.

 Belle Maurice. 

 Belle is fifteen. She has lived her whole life in London with her parents, but then war comes and her dad joins the army. Belle is later sent to the country to live until the bombing of London stops. Her mom remains behind in the city.
 Belle has a cheerful personality and is fast to make friends though she can be shy when she feels intimidated. She has a love for reading, which she got from her dad, and also a love for looking for beauty all around her. Belle has an imagination she puts to good use. She searches for fairies in the garden, Dragons in the forest, and believes an ordinary boy can be a knight.

 Adam Prince.
 (Haven't been able to find a picture which suits him yet.)
 An elderly gentleman from France, Mr. Prince owns a large estate in the country. As a young man his home was filled with laughter and sunshine, but after a loss he has locked himself away from everyone but a few servants. 
 Sullen and bitter, Mr. Prince likes to keep to himself. He can't look past his own grief and has trouble seeing and accepting kindness from others. To him the world is gray and bleak.

 Philippe Potts. (Chip)

 Chip is seventeen. He's a proud Frenchman and a knight even though he doesn't have the armor and sword to prove it. Chip has spent his whole life in the bleak mansion with Mr. Prince, his mother, and two other servants. In spite of the isolation and grimness of his home, Chip always finds something to brighten his and his mother's days. 
 Out going and adventurous, Chip is the kind of person who would befriend someone whether they would want a friend or not. He is also the kind of person nearly everyone wants as a friend, even if they don't realize this until after he's befriended them. He also talks a lot, though no one really complains about this.

 And there they are, my three main characters. 

 I have a pintrest board set up with pictures I used has inspiration. You can find it HERE

 If anyone would like to help with the cover reveal feel free to drop me an email or leave me a comment!

 Quote is from Sahara.




  1. Awesome. Chip sounds like someone I'd like to meet :)

  2. I'm already loving these characters. I'm SO excited to read it! I'd love to help out with your cover reveal! =)

  3. Agh, I had forgotten how much I loved this story!!!!

  4. Lovely! And I would be happy to help out with your cover reveal! Just let me know the details and I'll join! =)



  6. This sounds really cool! How can I resist Chip's face AND a quote from Sahara? lol! I'd love to help out with the cover reveal if you'll have me. :)

  7. This is amazing! Belle sounds sweet. She's seems like one of those people who search for Narnia all their life. :) And I like Chip. He sounds like a lot of fun!

    Oo! I want to help with the cover reveal! I've done so before, but it sounds like fun.

  8. I am so looking forward to this story! I would love to help with the cover reveal, by the way!! Let me know how I can help!


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