Sunday, April 26, 2015

"You pronounced him dead." "He had no pulse!"

 I was talking to someone the other day about Brothers-in-Arms and the Wizard of Oz connection I make it in it, and I realized I don't think I've ever explained it here on my blog. I thought I should do that, so my random Oz references I make on and off make more sense.

 After watching The Winter Soldier I started to over analyze it, proof I need a hobby. I got to the point where I started to make up before stories for Steve and Bucky. (Double proof I need a hobby.) And, over the course of time, I came up with some rather good ideas.

 There was a problem though.

 I refuse to write fan fiction. So I had all these ideas and nothing to do with them, at first at least. When I started plotting Brothers-in-Arms I realized I could take a lot of these ideas and put them into my book.

 One idea involved Bucky and Steve going to see The Wizard of Oz when it came out and hiding behind the chairs because the monkeys were creepy. (The monkeys ARE creepy, by the way. Anyone who doesn't think so needs help.) I ended up putting this into my book, and the Oz reference became a major plot...additive? Assistant? What do you call it when it is important in the story but not a side plot? Whatever the title for it is that is what I have.

 And that is why I have Oz references on my pinboard and why I make them when talking about my book. And that is why today's Music Monday is this song....


 Quote is from Sherlock Holmes, the one with Robert Downey Jr. 




  1. I loved that theme (I don't know what to call it either so we'll just go with theme) in the book. For all of you people who doubt that it is awesome, stop doubting right now and wait impatiently for BIA to come out. And then buy ten copies and give it to all your friends. ;-)

    And this post is so funny because I TOTALLY AGREE! I always make up this fanfiction stuff in my head (because sometimes there are just THESE CHARACTERS that there is just MORE to and you don't get to HEAR MORE about them and you just want to know their entire life story and stuff) and then I'm like, "But what do I do with these fantastic ideas because I REFUSE to write fanfiction!" (I can't decide if this is because I am a hypocrite or because I am too embarrassed or because I want people to labor under the delusion that I am completely original always)

    XD Anyway, yeah, totally feel you there. And I loved the Oz references in BIA especially during that one scene that I can't talk about 'else I will spoil stuff.

  2. You were still able to use your ideas.
    And yes, the monkeys were creepy.

  3. Love the quote!
    I like the Oz inside joke that you carry throughout the book. ;)

  4. It's always fun when we can find uses for our ideas. Monkeys, in general, are a tiny bit creepy. Flying monkeys more so.




    I think the plot thing is called and additive, but I might be wrong. I never thought of what to call that thing-a-ma-jig. I guess I should have.

    It is kind of funny that the fan-fiction we created got stuffed into a WW2 book. I would laugh but I'm too busy crying

  6. Saw this on Pinterest and thought of this post:


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