Wednesday, May 20, 2015

"Bill, don't look at me. I'm hideous."


 Oh yes, and greetings to you all and all that lovely stuff.

 It's Wednesday. Which means I'm halfway through my busy week. Friday is the long day but since it is the end of the week I don't think I can complain. Once it is over I get the weekend off to read and sleep and go outside where THE SUN IS SHINNING AT LONG LAST.

 It took it only...nearly all spring before it caught on.

 Yesterday it pretended to come out. It lured me outside with the promise of lovely weather and instead the wind blew and I had to leave on my bombardier jacket as I went up a tree. The tree had nothing to do with life in general, I just happened to be balancing on a fallen branch under it and it just happened to lead me right to the tree and I figured I might as well go up. Which meant I went to work covered in a nice array of sap.

 Since this is the halfway point I'm feeling tired and wish to curl up in the sunshine with a good book and ignore life. Except I have a bet going with my best friend, and if I did that I'd lose the bet. Instead, I dressed like I borrowed my older and taller sister's clothes, threw on an insanely colored pair of tights, and am sneaking in a post before I have to go to work.
 (Hear that, Phil. I'm still on track with the bet!)

 I should have some point to this. But by the time I get to a point I will have to end and put my shoes on. So you will have to do without a point and allow me to go and eat my lunch.

 And sulk because the sun just disappeared behind an army of clouds which felt the need to march down from the mountain. So long as they don't bring more rain I think we can get along fine. Not that I hate rain, I am just suffering cabin fever and...nope. I've got nothing.

 Good bye, I want food.




  1. At least your weather is consistent enough to let you know what kind of clothes you should wear. Here, it's sunny and about 60 degrees. Outside, it's warm and summery and shorts and t-shirt weather. Everywhere else it's freezing and you need a jacket and long pants and a parka. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO DRESS??

  2. Haha, I love reading your posts, Jack. :) I think we would get along really well.
    If you want weird should come to Seattle. Lol, three days of warmth and sundresses and complaints about heat, followed by today...cold, gray, a little drizzly. I second Abbey's query--"HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO DRESS?" Haha. I totally get the cabin fever feeling, though. Hope that feeling lifts soon for you!

    Vicki Grace

  3. "Insanely colored tights"--I must see those! XD


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