Friday, May 08, 2015

*Blank stare* "He's fast and she's weird."

 I should have posted Wednesday. I even had a post ready to go, but then we watched a movie and my computer kept glitching. By the time we finished the two hour movie at least three hours had past and I ran out of time.

 I am posting today though, because today is the 8th and I had a promised post which has to go up today.

 For those who need a bit of a refresher...I say that but it is just me saying I don't know how to continue this post without saying I am revealing the release date and cover for my short Beauty and the Beast retelling.

 First, the blurb.

Belle's father has always taught her to see the magic in the world around her, but when war comes it suddenly becomes harder to find. During the bombings of London, Belle is sent to live with Adam Prince, a bitter gentleman who has lost much and has therefore locked himself away in his mansion. When Belle meets Mr. Prince she decides she will show him the magic her dad told her not to forget, but it isn't as easy as she thought it would be.
 Aided by her new friend, Belle begins to break down Mr. Prince's wall. But, just as she is helping him find laughter again sorrow strikes too close to home and Belle herself begins to lose hope.

And now for all the fun bits.

 This novella will be releasing to the world on July 17th. I'll be publishing it in both paperback form and ebook.

The Cover

 Random little story behind this cover. Usually when I get my covers they involve standing out in the middle of streets armed with an array of weapons. I have the cameraman at one in, the model at the other, and two posts to keep an eye out for cars so everyone can get to the sidewalk before they are crushed.

 For this cover I really wanted a rose and some snow, but sadly all the snow had melted and the weather had been fairly nice. Also I was having trouble finding somewhere I could buy a single rose. I didn't want a whole dozen.

 Right before I moved someone gave my mum a rose. I don't even remember why now - I was packing and slightly preoccupied. The next day it dumped a lovely covering of snow everywhere. I asked my mum if I could borrow her rose, then went to the college with my camera where I sprawled out in a snow bank in my trench coat and ignored the college students who passed me.

 In spite of it being cold, it was one of the safer covers I've ever done.

 I hope all of you like it, and even more I hope you will enjoy the story when it is released.

 Quote is from Age of Ultron, a conversation between Hill and Rogers.




  1. Ohh, this sounds amazing! The cover is so gorgeous! I can NOT wait to read it! I love the fact that it takes place during WWII. That is such a unique idea! ^_^

  2. The cover is simply gorgeous!!!! I love it! And love the story behind it. :-) Can't wait for the story to go live!

  3. Beautiful cover! I love the stories of how you get your book covers. They are just as much an adventure as any of your stories! :P
    (P.S. I'm going to Age of Ultron tonight! I can't wait! But first, my friend and I are going to watch Captain America: Winter Soldier. She was just as incredulous as I'm sure you are when she found out I hadn't seen it yet.

  4. I am so excited for this story! I love that it's one of the "Safer" covers you have ever done, and I love the image of you and a bunch of people bearing ancient weapons trying to get a photo shoot done in the street... that will entertain me all day.

    I LOVE this cover!

  5. That quote! I love it!

    I can't wait for the book now. :)

    That's an awesome cover story! That's great that you have friends who will let you endanger their lives in the middle of a street for your book covers. ;) I do like this one though.

  6. Loved Age of Ultron, and the twins are my new favorites.

    The cover is awesome, I really want to read this book.
    I am a sucker for retellings.


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