Tuesday, May 26, 2015

"I find your lack of faith disturbing"

 Wherein Jack doesn't want to be writing a post.

 Not that I dislike all of you and wish to avoid all of you.....*CoughChokeCough*

 It's just, today was so warm. And sunny. And I hiked through some sagebrush so now my hands smell like pine trees and I'd like nothing better than to be back outside, even though the sun is setting and there is likely some kind of swarming bug out there waiting for me.

 I don't know why I thought of bugs just now. Maybe because in Wyoming, when spring came, so did the bugs and one of my brothers and I would race outside, fight them off, and run back in to see who could last the longest.

 I went to the library today. *Basks in the awe and amazement thrown her way.* Yes, yes, thank you. *Bows*

 These librarians don't know me. (One does, but she wasn't there.) At my hometown library they were used to me and the weird array of books I would check out. They don't know about me here yet. So when I flopped down my stack, which consisted of Paddington Bear, three American Girl books, a fat Doctor Who one, Leviathan on audio book, and Penderwicks in Spring she raised her eyebrows and I just grinned. She should be glad I couldn't find any WWII ones to add to my collection.

 I shouldn't have gotten more books. I already have a large summer reading list, and I'm still finishing up my spring list...but PENDERWICKS! The new one! And Doctor Who...and Paddington....so you can see why I snatched books up.

 What other brilliant things have I done.....

 I read Winnie-the-Pooh again over the weekend. Yes, you were all DYING to know that.

 And I'm reading Winters' book. Dick Winters from Band of Brothers. I'm halfway through and I've picked up on his very important message. He was friends with Lewis Nixon. BEST friends. Anytime he mentioned Nix he liked to remind everyone of how they were friends.

 No, really, I have nothing.

 My problem is the lovely new stack of books, and Winters' book...and PENDERWICKS! 

 So really, just take this post as it is and go and find your own good books to read. Because spring is here, and spring means sunshine and reading and sagebrush. 

 Quote is from Star Wars.




  1. It sounds like you had a lovely day! don't you love it when summer comes back?? It makes me feel like hiking and climbing trees and swimming.

    I want to read the next Penderwick books too!! I am so excited about Ben and Batty I could scream. BROTHER AND SISTER STORY!

    love you, pal!

  2. Enjoy The Penderwicks in Spring! It's wonderful and fabulous and you're going to want to read it in one sitting so set aside a Saturday or something. :D

  3. Summer and hiking and pine trees and sagebrush and bugs! :D :D :D

  4. Wait, wait- Doctor Who BOOKS? You've piqued my interest. I might have to give my own library a deep investigation.

    Yes! Hiking and the outdoors, and trees. I love trees. I don't blame you for not wanting to post.

    Anyhow, have fun with the Penderwicks. ;)

  5. :) Sounds like lots of fun reading in your future :)

  6. I LOVED THE PENDERWICKS IN SPRING!! Those books are literally the best. <3 ^_^ And Paddington! And Pooh! *huggles them* And I know, right? This whole ALL THE BOOKS TO READ is a serious issue. *nods seriously* I'm reading 7 books right now and have half a dozen more I want to read this very INSTANT, especially since my birthday books finally arrived like two months late so I want to read The Merchant's Daughter and Illusionarium RIGHT NOW. (I haven't actually read any steampunk yet--gasp!)

  7. Insects in the good outdoors, yep. Ever heard of black flies? Horrible things *shudders*. I just added Leviathan to my reading list! :D


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