Sunday, May 24, 2015

"We salute the rank not the man."

 Like nearly all Americans I come from a military family. Both my grandpas served, quite a few, if not all, my uncles, and even some cousins. And if I had to summarize my family I'd use my grandpas.

 My mom's dad joined the army at sixteen. He fought in Korea and came back and has been active in service related activities since.

 My dad's dad was in the Air Force. He stole a plane - drinking was involved but I don't remember if he got drunk and stole the plane or stole the plane and flew somewhere to get drunk. Either way, he stole a plane, went AWOL, then came back and was dishonorably discharged. And that kind of sums up the personalities of all who bare his last name.

 (By the way, even if that story might not sound amusing in a post it has made my family snicker for years as we're all very fond of that grandpa.)

 Today is Memorial Day and the song I'm posting, while I listen to it while I write, is in honor of the men and women who fought for our freedoms. 

The music for this song is the opening theme for Band of Brothers. Someone wrote the words after the miniseries came out.

 Quote is from Band of Brothers, one of Winters sassy moments. (I'm reading his book so it only seemed fitting to use one of his quotes.)



  1. He stole a plane? He's lucky it was just a dishonorable discharge!

  2. Thank you to your family for their service!

  3. That's amazing you have so much family that has served. I wish I could give every single one of them a hug!

    That's quite a story about the plane. XD

    Hey, this is obviously nothing you have to do at all, but I wanted to let you know I tagged you over at my blog here:

    Hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day!!! <333

  4. It's good he was just discharged and not thrown into jail for the stunt. He sounds like a fun guy, though. I can see why your family snickers at that story.


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