Sunday, June 28, 2015

"Sorry, my hands are full."

 I again wanted to thank everyone who has been praying. I've been feeling better this last week. Mostly by keeping busy, and reading a lot. But it also helps to know my friend was a Christian and I will have the chance to see her again.

 Some interesting things happened on Friday and I had to step back and give a nice long look at my life and my future plans. I'm excited about them but also nervous. And I'm looking into some things and seeing what my next step toward those plans will be.

 But that aside for now, I wanted to do a new Music Monday post. This song is not one I listen to while writing as a general rule. I listened to a lot of these songs though with my friend. And I thought it would be fun to share one with all of you. (That and I've mostly just be listening to Owl City for the last couple weeks so I don't really have another right at this moment I could think to post.)

 This is a song from his newest CD, though the CD is a bit old by now. And it is fun, like most of his songs.

 I took the quote from Tangled since we watched it tonight.



  1. Hi Jack :) That's a fun song indeed.
    I wanted to let you know I finally posted my review of "Brothers-in-Arms"! If you want, you can read it here:

  2. This song is basically a modern version of the folk song, Star of the County Down...which makes me happy. :)

  3. I'm so happy to hear you're doing a bit better. And praise God for His mercy in that we can spend eternity with Him and see our brothers and sisters again. He is so, so good!

    OWL CITY. YESSSH. Owl City is my favorite music of EVER. Always! I love this song. But, I love ALL his songs, so. XD

  4. Glad you're doing better!

    That song is so cute. :) I've never heard it before. I don't actually listen to a lot of Owl City, even though when I do I always love it. I like his Enchanted (though maybe it's actually a cover, I don't know!).


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