Thursday, July 23, 2015

"Coming, coming, when are you coming? Now or next week?"

 The humorous and misadventures of Jack

 I forgot to share a story of what happened to me while I was flying. (I wasn't piloting. I want to fly someday, but no one is going to let a dyslexic behind the controls of a B17).

 After years of flying I'm starting to get the hang of boarding. I realized there are numbers on the ticket, and you can line up under the little sign with the same numbers. (Like boarding 5.) And then you can get to your seat fairly fast and not drop your overhead luggage on little old ladies as you are trying to lift it up over your head in the narrow hallway. (I like it best when the attendants or some fella takes pity on my lack of height and helps me out)

 Because of this new found discovery, when I flew I got so I was the first in line under the little sign with my number. I was reading my book, leaning on my suitcase, and wishing I'd not forgotten my dried mangoes at home when the plane I was waiting for landed and people began to get off. Because I like to watch people and play Sherlock when I'm bored I peeked up sometimes to watch everyone who was getting off the plane.

 While I was doing this a young man got off and stood a few feet away from me, obviously waiting for someone. I glanced at him, and then openly stared. He looked and dressed just like Adam Young, the main singer for Owl City.

 I'm a quiet person, but he looked so much like Adam Young I decided if it was him I was going to go up and say hi and tell him how much I liked his songs. (Be impressed, because I was inches from leaving my place in line.)

 Before I did so however, I decided to check his Instagram to see if it was him, because he had pictures of himself on there and if I saw one then I would know for sure if this man and he really did look alike.

 By this time there was a man in line behind me, but I decided to try and be discreet about the picture stalking.

This is what the young man looked like. Complete with the hair. (This is Adam Young after one of his first CDs came out.)

 I can't get the picture I pulled up to see if the young man was Adam Young, but this link will take you to it. It was the first on his Instagram of himself.

 As you can see, One: the fella wasn't Adam Young. Two: You can understand why the man behind me might have made some kind of throaty noise over the girl looking at pictures of young fellas on her phone - he had no idea my reasoning behind it and I wasn't about to explain myself. Three: Obviously I forgot Adam Young grew up between CD one and the new one.

 And that was the humorous adventure.

 The other happened today.

 I randomly decided I wanted to go to Starbucks and get coffee. I had a list of reasons for this. I'd had a bad week, I had a coupon, I didn't have to go to work until later in the day, and I was just in the mood for a fake coffee. (One with so much sugar and cream it can't be called coffee)

 I was laughing at myself, and texting my best friend and telling her I felt a bit like a hippy because I was walking to Starbucks with a coupon on my IPhone to get a coffee. The comparison ended there I soon realized. (Hippy might be the wrong word. Hipster? Whatever you call them, I felt like one.)

 I realized I was wearing one of my sloppier outfits. A fedora, this green skirt I have I wear when I've had a bad day, am sick, am tired, don't care how I look, don't want to be sociable. In other words it is the skirt I wear when I've had enough of the world for one reason or another. It is long, it is flappy and comfy, dark green, and worn out and I love it. I also had on my Narnia tee shirt and my dog tags with my two nick names stamped on them.

 I wandered into Starbucks after getting into a debate with said friend I'd been texting. (A debate about the Starbucks' nick name being Steve and Bucky not Bucky and Donna's - which is what one calls Barnes and Noble for reasons.)

 I think I looked more comical then I realized because the lady behind the counter smiled one of those, "Aren't you cute, you strange little person?" smiles.

 Anyways, I somehow ordered the coffee thing without too much trouble. (I did find out you can get cream ones instead of coffee ones. So it is like, a thing of sugar and cream without even the smallest hint of coffee in it. As Sherman from Mr. Peabody and Sherman would put it, they are pretty fantastic.)

 This story was more amusing today before I shared the awkward airport one. But anyways, that is how Jack gets coffee, which turned out to not be coffee at all. But it had extra whipped cream with caramel on it, so I got to work with tasty sticky fingers and then got to play with little kids all afternoon.

 The quote is from the Tintin books, Flight 714. It was suggested to me as it applies to me right now as I wait for the email.



  1. Hee hee, it's always fun to read about your adventures.

  2. Oh dear, I am experiencing second hand disappointment that 'Young Man' was not Adam Young.

    I'm still trying to wrap my mind around this 'fake coffee' thing. All I ever order is plain dark roast. I usually end up spilling it anyhow, so there is little point in ordering anything fancier.

  3. Okay, this was amazing, but also rather sad it really wasn't Adam Young. I'm not sure WHAT I would have done if I thought I was standing near my favoritest singer of all time. Looking up pics of him was a good call, because I'm afraid I might have gone up to the poor guy and asked if he was Adam Young and who knows how that would have ended. XD But ADAM YOUNG. <33333333

    And I totally still imagine him as little baby Adam Young there. I tend to forget he does in fact grow up like the rest of us. And I could make a joke about his last name but I'll spare you...

    Anyways. This post was fantastic. I love hearing about your life adventures.

  4. Very fun stories. I love that you got not at all coffee... as I am in the "coffee is gross" club, and it is rare to find someone willing to even think about joining me there :)


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