Friday, July 17, 2015

"Gregory Peck is Drop Dead Handsome. It's like drop dead gorgeous but more manly."

 Wherein Jack isn't a BBC heroine

 I have two stages. Sometimes I have the reflexes of Jackie Chan. Other times I can't catch a slow moving ball rolled right at my feet. There's no in between, and to be honest, I only have Jackie Chan reflexes on those random moments when the moon is full and the stars are in order and the wind is flapping to the west get the idea. It doesn't happen often.

 In other words, I'm a klutz. Sometimes I get moments where I can wiggle my eyebrows and say, "I'm Batman," but usually I'm sprawled out on the ground because I tripped over my own feet.

 I ride my bike to work a lot. I do tend to ride on top of my bike, but sometimes it gets a mind of its own and it throws me. And when this happens I don't just go down, no, I get beat up or flipped over the handle bars.

 I was riding the middle of this week. I ride on the side of the road and avoid traffic because drivers are determined to flatten me.

 While riding I reached back to adjust my messenger bag. Should have been simple enough, but next thing I knew my bike went one way, taking my right leg with it, and I went the other. I crashed in the middle of the road, sprawled out for every car after me to hit.

 Thankfully the only one behind me pulled over to see if I was all right, but hinted I should not be on a bike.

 Had I been in a BBC movie the fella would have turned out to be my Mr. Thornton. Instead, I picked myself up, got back on my bike, and continued to work.

 And that was my adventure.

 Still no update on the happenings. I'm hoping soon, because if they happen then I have a feeling it is going to change everything about my writing.

 Next week I will get everything back on schedule around here. 

 Until then I will tell you all farewell. 

 Have a nice weekend

 The quote is from my best friend, because I asked her for a quote and she sent me that, so naturally I had to do it. That's what best friends do.



  1. Sadly, I am not a BBC heroine either. Sigh.

  2. Ouch! I hope you're all right!

  3. Your friend is awesome, and that must've hurt.

  4. Haha! This is very much like me. At work, I'm either or. I'm clumsy all the time. But sometimes I catch myself. . . or the things I drop. In those times, my klutziness actually makes me look good. For instance, I fumbled a watermelon once, but saved it. It was a very near save though.

    On the other hand, today I dropped everything. EVERYTHING as in I was throwing bread and cookies away because they were squandered on the floor.

    Great story! Wouldn't it be nice to have a BBC movie moment? Just once. That's all we're asking for. One time! That's all we need anyways. . . according to the movies, and the books that begin "Once upon a time."


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