Wednesday, July 15, 2015

"I remember the rest of the words to the song, 'And Die!'"

 Wherein Jack needs sleep

 Things have happened. Did I mention the happening things? I think NOT

 There's a reason I've not mentioned the happening things. First I'm not sure if I should. Second I'm not sure if I want to. Third I'm waiting until the happening is confirmed because if it is turned down I don't want to announce it and then have to burst my own bubble. Not that I won't be bursting my own bubble anyways, since I've got it floating around me nice and content and happy and excited.

 I will hint. Until I know for sure, which might be fairly soon.

 It has something to do with Brothers-in-Arms. And all my books in general, and maybe my whole writing future.

 It is also the reason I cannot released Finding the Magic when I first thought I would, in two days. I will explain why if the happenings actually happen.

 Curious yet? On the edge of your seats?

 Good. And you can guess what the happenings are. I don't think there is any law forbidding that. So guess away.

 Other things have happened.

 A lot of the other happenings have involved books. Oh, and I saw Paddington, and I bought it because it is cute. And it had a certain Doctor in it.

 I also did something I've not felt safe to do in far too long. I bought a book the day it came out. Go Set A Watchman, the sequel to To Kill A Mockingbird. I started it and made it a good ways in, but because of a fast trip and jet lag and work I've not been able to make it as far into it as I wanted.

 I feel like this whole post is just me hinting at things and not giving near enough information. But since that is exactly what it is I guess I shouldn't apologize. This is just one of those points in my life where a lot could be happening, but none of it is set in stone yet so it is all bouncing around in the air and I have to wait patiently for it to come down. All of it will be exciting if it works out.

 I still haven't been writing much. I do a little here and there. I was doing Camp NaNo but it didn't work out and I don't think I will reach my 50,000 words. 

 Right now though I just want the weekend here so I can sleep off this jet lag. It didn't really help that I flew in late last night then had to wake up early for work. As I've mentioned before, I'm fine if I get six hours of sleep. Anything less and I turn into a bear. So I think I will go and have some tea and read Harper Lee's new book and spend the evening with Atticus and Scout.

 Quote is from Avatar, the Last Airbender. Bet ya can't guess what I'm rewatching.....



  1. Intriguing! Whatever's going on... bonne chance!

  2. So here's me making guesses and congratulating you that such things are in the works. Even though you must wait patiently for the bouncing possibilities to land in their certain spots, I still congratulate you that you have possibilities in the air.
    And I sympathize with the limbo feeling of bouncing possibilities because, while not related to writing, I have a number of bouncing possibilities at the moment, too. In fact, I'm getting a little tired of the bouncing and have comforted myself by closing my eyes and saying "Lord, You know where they are going to land. I give all of this to You, and I trust You." But that is because it's just too much bouncing for me.
    I'm curious how you like the Harper Lee sequel.
    And I'm curious why you have been flying.
    And, of course, I'm curious about how things work out for your books.
    Praying for you! Hope you get good sleep!

  3. What!? You're just going to leave us with that? Make us curious and then leave are curiosity just languishing in our imaginations with out substantial answers? *sigh*

    I hope the happenings happen. And all goes splendidly! :D

    I have not read To Kill a Mockingbird. I would ask if it's good, but since you're reading the sequel, I can assume it probably was, especially since you bought it the day it came out! :) So. . . another book on the TBR.


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