Wednesday, July 22, 2015

"I saw that look. 'Haha his ship is rubbish.'"

 I'm still waiting. For a lot of things, but also for the email which will decide the next step in my writing. Until then, just stay on edge. Because I am, so you have to join me.

 You know how you have brilliant ideas while in the shower? And you can compose the new American best seller with an amazing, edge of your seat plot? Characters who are so life like they rip your heart out? And then you get out and the best you can manage is, "Jack and Jill went up a hill..." Well, I had an amazing post all written up while in the shower. Now I can't remember any of it.

 I'd apologize but I don't feel like it. So you get this post instead, and I don't know if this post has any sort of meaning behind it. Just be glad I'm attempting. I could be writing a letter instead, or reading a book.

 I will do my best to give a bit of an update. That will have to do until the news comes in.

 Reading: I'm doing pretty good. Instead of reading ten books at once I've got it down to three. Not counting the ones I'm editing, because I'm only editing it off and on. 

 Writing: I should do a post about this, but I will talk about most of it for later. I've had a fairly good day and don't wish to make myself cry right at this moment. But because of recent events, I've not been writing as much. (A friend of mine and I were talking about it the other day. She is like me, she said she's heard of some people who can use grief and pain in their lives to pour out their best work on paper, but she can never manage it and instead is unable to write anything. I've realized I'm the same way.) I'm considering entering the new Rooglewood contest. I will if I can think up a good Sleeping Beauty story.

 Work: I have a hedgehog necklace and I wore it to work once. The little kids loved it and would sit on my lap, play with it, and ask me what it was. Now I wear it there almost every day because they love it so much. They will walk by, fiddle with it, and say over and over, "Hedgehog. Hedgehog." There is nothing cuter than one and two year olds saying hedgehog. Trust me.

 Watching: Avatar the Last Airbender. Not much else really. I'm slowly making my way through Doctor Who again, My Little Pony. The Avengers, the British TV series. All those fun shows I like.

 Doing Stuff: I have no idea what to call this. But yeah...I've taken to jogging again in the mornings. Trying not to throw myself while riding my bike. But mostly I just try and get out and do something new every day.

 Editing: Off and on working on Brothers-in-Arms with plans to work on Haphazardly Implausible soon. Mostly just waiting for an email before I decide where to go with editing and so forth.

 There, that should count for something. Not sure what, but something.

 Quote is from Doctor Who, the 11th Doctor



  1. Fun stuff. I love the little ones and the hedgehog necklace.
    As for that email...we're waiting with you. :)

  2. I can't wait to hear about your future writing plans! Why can't emails hurry up?! =) Love this post!

  3. I have a theory about getting ideas in the shower and right before bed (I get a lot of my ideas at those two times): The shower is very relaxing; trying to go to sleep is very relaxing. Maybe ideas come when we are most relaxed?
    You should share a picture of your hedgehog necklace! I'd love to see it. Maybe John could share a picture of it on his blog.
    Also... if you still need quotes, you could try this one from Tintin, Flight 714... "Coming, coming, when are you coming? Now or next week?" It sounds like it fits your predicament right now.

  4. I've never written from a place of angst or pain. Guess I can't do it either.
    Great stuff hits me when I play guitar and then I can't remember it afterwards.

  5. Agh! Why did you say that? Jack and Jill went up a hill. . . That song! Now it's stuck in my head. *sulks* My subconscious is trying to turn it into a retelling.

    Retellings are awesome! You should do it. :)


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