Friday, July 31, 2015

"Your hands! Your feet! I noticed. They are indeed lovely."

 Whoever is on the other end of the email I'm waiting for has a different week time period than I do. Because, according to my idea of a working week, this is the end of the working week. And there is still no email. Someone is having fun trying my limited patience. Time to get my foil out and stab some things to relieve all my on edge tension.

 (If said person is reading this, if I'm arrested for stabbing fence posts on main street it is your fault.)

 I took another reading break. One thing I can't find any book I feel like reading. I'm still reading the WWII one about the aces, but I want something with fun characters and battles and I've not come across it yet. Another reason I took a bit of a break is because the weather has been fantastic. My friend was always scolding me for reading too much, so I decided I would do a lot of random, unexpected things while summer is still here. The other day I had a day off work so I hiked down the beach, found a little pond, and sprawled out in the sand for an hour. I then hiked back through the lake and got googled at by couples laying in the sand.

 (If said couples are reading this, yes, you are correct, I am insane.)

 I tried cooking again on Sunday. I wanted pancakes, so I decided to make some. And we had blueberries. I couldn't help it, blueberry pancakes. So I threw some blueberries in. Somehow, the way I threw them in messed up the dough and it was uncooked in the middle. Me, being the lazy cook I am, didn't feel like trying to fix it. And, since the pancakes were just for me, I slapped it on my plate, piled on butter and syrup, and enjoyed.

 (If future husband is reading this, I'm sorry. Hopefully you're not the type who has to be won over by food and you aren't hoping to marry a fantastic cook.)

 I went to another job interview the other day. I had it planned out so brilliantly. I even panted my nails all one color. I had a nice outfit planned out and a friend did my hair in a nice French braid. I was going to look fantastic. Which I think I managed to pull off. The only fall back in this scheme? I went to the lake before the interview, and therefore might have smelled mildly like fish, sand, and clam shells.

 (If possible future boss is reading this, I may not be a responsible adult, but I will certainly liven up your work place while I'm there.)

 I managed to go jogging every day this week. Be impressed. One day I even went to the beach to jog. Someone was watching my feeble jogging attempts - I'm not the fastest jogger in the world. Nevertheless I was very tempted to snap my fingers and do a little Louie dance. I was going to find a picture from Unbroken to demonstrate but I can't find it. So go and watch the movie and you'll get this.

 (To the person who was watching me, if you're going to watch someone run in the sand get used to the fact that they're not going to look graceful while doing it. You try running on sand.)

 Someone sent me this picture. 
 Thought I'd share it because it is Fitzgerald.
 Also this one. 
 Someone said this looks like Striker from my Blade books. I watched the movie he was in and I ended up agreeing.

 (To my readers, I thought I've brighten up this post with pictures. That is the only reason I shared them.)

 If you want to know what true betrayal looks like, look no further than in the eyes of a dog or a two-year-old. 

 (To both who gave me the look of utter betrayal, I'm sorry. I had to leave you for a few minutes but that doesn't mean I love you any less.)

 I learned some things this week.
 One, I seriously need to stop burning myself on the tea pot. It's getting out of hand. Between the steam and boiling water, and let's not forget that I'm close to thirty, you would think I'd know better by now.
 Two, grapefruits are a healthy breakfast food. I have a feeling the piles of sugar I drown mine in MIGHT defeat the purpose. Nothing has been proven yet though....
 Three, the only thing which surprises me about myself at this point is that I can still say something and surprise people by my oddness. 

 (To the person I shocked, you really found it surprising I know how to knock someone down and break their knee? Not that I ever plan on using this skill, just what about that and me knowing it is shocking? I thought I had reached the point where nothing about me could surprise anyone.)

 On a serious note.

 I wanted to thank everyone again for your comments and emails. And your prayers. You have no idea how much they mean to me right now. They have really been a blessing to me, and a reminder that I'm not alone even when I sometimes feel it.
 I can't thank all of you enough. And I can't put into words how encouraging it is to me. 

 Just, thank you, so so much. Every one of you.

 Quote is from the Donny and Marie show which my friends showed me a while back.



  1. This was so fun to read! I love your posts, Jack! =)

  2. I adore your posts. And just saying, if I were a boss of any organization I think I'd hire you on the spot if you smelled like lake water because that's exactly the sort of person who I would want to work for me. :-)

  3. Ah, I loved reading this! Your writing friend Kendra told me about your blog, and aye, do I love your creativity and sense of humor. Thank you for writing! I'll be back here again. :)

  4. There is no look of betrayal like that of a 2 year old, but the look on their face when you come back is pretty amazing! =)

    I went on a reading break a few weeks ago, managed to watch all of Firefly and achieve new levels of greatness on angry birds......but now I've been sucked into a new Sherlock series, thanks Mom;-)


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