Sunday, August 02, 2015

"Giant mushroom!!! MAYBE IT'S FRIENDLY!"

 I need to get caught up on my book reviews. I would work on one right now, but I'm watching the old Avengers TV series. (It's an old British spy show and has nothing to do with superheroes but a dashing man named Steed who has fantastic cars and hangs out with a sarcastic lady. Most of the show is the two of them trying to out sarcasm each other, the rest of it is them getting into fights with the bad guys and Steed trying not to get his hair messed up.) It's just a very British show, with classy 60's music.

 So that is why I'm not doing a book review right at this moment. I also have plans to read another Tintin book.

 The song I am doing today is the end song from Meet the Robinsons. (A corny movie but one I still love.) It is a song I use as inspiration for Brothers-in-Arms, real shocker there. It reminds me more of Mr. Buchanan, Japhet's dad, then of Japhet and Franz though. I thought it was about time he got a song on here.

 Quote is from Avatar the Last Airbender. Sokka after he starts to hallucinate after drinking cactus juice.



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