Sunday, August 30, 2015

"I told them to shoot first and ask questions later."

I am keeping this short today. I want to go to bed early tonight since I am tired, and before that I want to watch some more Hogan's Heroes.

 So, here is today's song. Again, a friend told me about it because she said it reminded her of Franz and Japhet - Brothers-in-Arms.

Quote is from Hogan's Heroes. I thought it fit because Jimmy asks this question in Brothers-in-Arms. I thought he'd be happy to see someone had an answer for him.



  1. Hogan's Heroes was a great show. I can still watch the reruns.

  2. Hey Jack. Every time I see a post about this story I wonder, have you ever heard Celtic Thunder's song Brothers In Arms?

  3. This used to be my "Theobald's song". And Adele naturally. Cause otp. I know...I had sadness for that man. Deep. Sadness. Remember you introduced me to that kind of pain in books. You. Think about what you did to that innocent 11/12-year-old..... (man you're old).


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