Saturday, August 29, 2015

"I'm with you till the end of the line, pal."

 As promised I have a character post today. Brothers-in-Arms character, since that book seems to have all my attention at the moment.

 I've spent all week going over who I wanted to do. I almost did the main antagonist but I'm mad at him and not ready to let him have his own post yet. So I am doing Karl, since I did his best friends and he's feeling left out.

Karl Ritter

I have mentioned Karl twice now in Caleb and Warren's posts. The three of them were best friends growing up, almost completely opposite each other as anyone could get, but inseparable for all that.

Karl is considered very handsome. He even has dimples in his chin - which Japhet finds out when Franz's sister mentions them to her best friend.
Medium of height and build, Karl has light brown hair and his eyes are pale blue. Every fall he grows a mustache, which he shaves off a week later.
He is 24 during most of the story.

Karl grew up in the same town as Warren and Caleb, but unlike them his family wasn't Jewish. He lived next door to Warren and they grew up playing together. Their favorite game was to tease Caleb whenever he walked past their homes. Later they all ended up in the same school where, one day, Warren and Karl saw some of the other boys teasing Caleb because of the way he dressed. (He wore the traditional Jewish clothing.) Both boys ran to his aid and because of that the three became best friends.

After they graduated grade school they went to the same university together where Warren began to study to be a pastor, Caleb a doctor, and Karl a history teacher. Warren kept his friends active with his wild schemes but in spite of that Karl was able to dedicate a lot of his time to studying. He got his degree and moved to Berlin until he could find a position. (As mentioned before, Caleb moved into the city as well with his new wife. Warren went back to the town he'd grown up in. They kept in close contact and visited each other almost every weekend.)

When things began to get hard for the Jews Karl tried to talk Caleb and Annie into moving. Caleb finally consented a few days before the Night of the Broken Glass, but didn't get out in time. (I keep feeling I should add little explanations about him but really, this is Karl's post.) When he saw what was going on in the streets Karl ran to check on Caleb and Annie and keep them safe but he didn't get there in time.

Caleb managed to get away when he was being taken off with the other Jews and Karl found him two days later. He'd hidden in back alleys and didn't recognize his friend when Karl did find him.

Karl took Caleb back to their boyhood home and to the house Warren lived in alone. Together they tried to help Caleb heal. It was during this time that they learned of the resistance. They joined at the same time and began to help smuggle Jews out of Germany. (Warren and Karl also made a pact they never told Caleb about. Seeing how devastated Caleb was over the loss of his wife they promised that if either of them died in the war they other would not tell Caleb until they were certain beyond all doubt he could take the news without loosing the last bit of sanity he had left. Neither knew if it was the right decision, but they also knew they couldn't bare to see their best friend suffer anymore.)

And this is how Karl met the Buchanans and Kappels. He was given their name and met up with them to secure the proper paperwork. He also met Gabi Kappel, one of Franz's sisters. He started to date her and a few months later proposed.

While both Karl and Gabi knew their wedding might have to be postponed for a few years they were both happy. (It gave them both a strong sense of hope, having something in the future they could look forward to.)

Even after he got engaged Karl never told his to be wife or her family of his work in the resistance. He didn't want to put them in anymore danger than they were already in, that and it put the resistance at too much risk.

Karl is quieter than Warren. He likes to be around people but after a few hours usually wants to be left alone. He loves to ready, especially anything to do with history. He hates textbooks and planned to teach his students using real life journals, letters, and other historical accounts.

When Warren and Caleb weren't around Karl would go for long walks alone in the forest. He'd sometimes bird watch but usually would look for and identify plants - a hobby of his.

Even though he moved into Berlin Karl had no plans to spend the rest of his life there. He always planned to find a little school away from any big cities, build himself a little house, and raise a family. He even agreed to telling Warren uncle his kids even though he knew it would likely mean some of them would turn out as wild as he was.

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  1. Karl sounds interesting. I like him.

  2. Jack, I can't wait to read Brothers-in-Arms. Your characters are just so real, and I love the storyline already!


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