Wednesday, August 19, 2015

"It's called a hard stare. My aunt Lucy taught me to do them for when people forget their manners."

 This isn't a real post. It is only to reassure you I've not run off and joined the circus. You see, I have no internet at the Flat until Monday (if all goes well. Haha, things with internet hook ups never do.) And I've been so busy I haven't had time, nor the sociable interaction, to go over and commandeer some internet.

 The only reason I have it right now is I signed MY CONTRACT and wanted to come and celebrate. So I biked down to Steve and Bucky's with Dog and got a "not really coffee, coffee thing."

 I nicknamed Dog, did you see? She has another name, but since I nickname everyone on here she had to join in. (Those who know her real name, you know whos, must help me in keeping it secret.) Because Dog is like me. Mysterious. Living under a false name. With no identity so her arch enemies cannot find her.

 (I'm SO happy I live in a place now where I can have a dog. She's my constant buddy now.)

 And for those of you who didn't catch on, Dog is what Columbo named his dog. So I stole it. Because I do that.

 Tomorrow I will probably have internet again, so I will post pictures of the Flat. (See, I even nicknamed my new home. Flat, because...Tintin.)

 Once again, a lot seems to have happened since last I posted. Highest on the list is the CONTRACT. MY CONTRACT. MY VERY OWN CONTRACT!! Which I printed off, all six glorious pages of it, and now I have it displayed for all to see. Because it is GLORIOUS AND ALL MINE.

 I don't know how much I can talk about right now, but because I now have a CONTRACT and a DEADLINE I have had to start editing Brothers-in-Arms again. I also plan to start marketing it better. Which will help on Monday when I get internet.

 I've even kind of started to write again. I still can't do much, but I'm writing a little each day which is a start.

 There is still so much going on I'm not even sure where to begin, or how to. Most of it has just involved getting settled and figuring out how to do some of those boring adult things. (Not that I feel more adult. To prove this, I managed to nearly break my neck twice over the last week.)

 One time involved me stubbing my toe on a flat surface. Talent. I then went shopping with three of my friends ad bought a little pot with a lid. While we were waiting in line I had the brilliant idea to place the lid on Ben's head. 
 Because Ben has been in my company for a while now, she has gotten a little jumpy around me. (Can't imagine why...) She leaped away from the lid and it dropped onto my stubbed toe.

 Then on Monday I was running up some stairs, tripped, and threw myself flat. I thought I'd hurt my knee, but it turned out I'd cracked my ankle against one of the steps. I now have a bruised and swollen ankle and a bruised wrist, because I managed to hit my wrist too.

 Talents, my friends.

 So there, that is my sort of not really update on life.

 Sort of because all I really did was mention Dog and CONTRACT. But you know, the important things and all that.

 Now I need to get back home. I'm getting rained on by some kind of sappy stuff. (Who knew it rained sap here?

 Quote is from Paddington



  1. Are you British or do you just say "flat"?

    1. I just say flat because I watch lots of British shows and I like the term

  2. Hahaha!
    This. This is why I follow your blog.

  3. Yay, Contract! Yay, Flat! Yay, Dog!!! Happy dancing all around!!!

    Boo to tripping and falling and dropping things. I feel your pain. Yesterday I lifted my foot to brush salt off the bottom of it and apparently I was attempting to practice for the ninja-high-kick Olympics or something, because I totally missed my hand and instead kicked the underside of the kitchen counter HARD and dug a huge hole in the end of my second-from-littlest toe. Blood everywhere. Not cool. Today I'm hobbling all over the place, and I had my aerobics class this morning, which was.... less than fun because: walking/running... sigh. But I definitely would have made it into the ninja-high-kick olympics... if such a thing existed.

  4. This post entertained me, I love that you call it a flat. I am almost always using British colloquialisms. I wish I was British sometimes, I mean the fish and chips alone are enough to convince me to move to London. Anyways, I am so happy you are being published, and that you and Dog are happy in your new place.

  5. Jackieeeeee ~ I tried commenting twice before, and blogger is doing this cute little thing where it eats my comment and acts as though it never was there at all. I am hoping that *this* time I can say that I am so happy for you and so proud of you and I hope things just keep getting better! You deserve it for all your courage and perseverance.


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