Wednesday, August 12, 2015

"Ten thousand thundering typhoons!"

 Wherein Jack shouldn't shout

 I meant to write this post in a....intelligent....way. (See how well that is going to go? I can't even explain it without blundering it.)

 Things have happened. And quickly. I guess that is just how things work. When everything decides to happen it does it all at once instead of in little stages so you have a chance to get used to it. After all, who needs time to adjust to changes?

 I think I will save one of the best bits for last. (Though all of it is pretty best as far as I can tell....)

 To start, when I moved away from Wyoming I wasn't sure I would stay. I thought I might end up back east somewhere after a year. That was until I got here and realized how much I'd grown to love this area. It is pretty. It is relaxing. It has a lot of the things close that I've always wanted to do. And I also became very fond of my job. (I chase two-year-olds around all day, let them sit on my lap, read them books, what is not to love?)

 When I realized I liked it here so much I'd like to stay for the foreseeable future I considered - off handedly - getting my own place. I'd never thought of renting my own place or living by myself. For one thing I didn't think I could afford it. But I kind of liked the idea, and thought maybe in a year I would do it.

 So I started to figure some things. I figured how much I would need to live on my own and how many hours I would work. The only way to make it work, I finally decided, would be to get another job. Which I figured I could handle.

 I don't even really remember how it happened, but I started to look up apartments. Not because I planned on renting one soon, I wanted to see how much they cost, the highest I could go on rent, and how much deposits are. (You know, all that boring money stuff.) While doing this, I stumbled across one for much lower then the price I figured. I passed it up though, since I only had the one job.

 (After this a lot more happened. A friend told me that when I considered getting one to check Craig's List. So I thought I'd try it, see if there was anything. I was surprised at what good prices they were. Especially one, which I instantly loved. It was a studio cabin, really tiny, and I loved it so much I started to look, just to see to see how much it would all be in the end.)

 That is the shortened version of what happened. Because I was only off handedly looking into this one, even though I really liked it. I called the lady and went to look at it, and then filled out an application, certain I wouldn't get it. (I have no credit.)

 The next thing I knew not only did she want to see me I stood a good chance of getting it.

 I kind of fell apart and started praying really hard. The shortened version of my prayer was that if I was meant to get it I'd get another job. (I had been filling out applications for the past month.) There were other problems though. With no credit to my name it would cost supposedly something like a small fortune to get the lights and gas in my name. So I kept praying, and trying to prepare myself for disappointment. (See, I still really liked the place.)

 During the middle of all the talking to the land lady and all of that I saw a job online. So I emailed about it.

 Then on Monday, worn out from being on edge that I would get the place or that I wouldn't get the place, the land lady called and told me she'd decided to rent to me. Not only that, for a little more rent a month she would keep the lights and gas in her name because she knew how hard it would be for me to get it all with no credit.

 I was completely shocked.

 Then, as if that wasn't enough, I had an interview yesterday and got the second job. The schedules worked out where I can work both jobs, though for the rest of the month I will be working about six full days a week which will be a lot. But it is just for a month so I can last. It isn't as if I sleep anyways.

 But of course, that all wasn't enough of sudden, life changing moments. Nah. Since all of that happened in so short of a time I guess everyone decided to get it all over with at once.

 And here we come to the second part of my news.

 After I wrote Brothers-in-Arms and sent it to some beta readers to see what they thought nearly all of them had the same thing to say. I had to send it in to a publisher.

 I kept refusing though. It isn't that I wanted to be stubborn about it or didn't think it was good enough for a publisher. I just have a lot of issues with publishers and I knew if I sent it in I would only be doing it to make money off the book. It seemed like a bad reason to publish my book through a system I don't really agree with. (I plan to explain this later on but this post is too long for it right now.)

 The beta readers kept insisting though. The book was good enough to be professionally published.

 Before this, I had been considering an Independent publisher. I like how they work better. I like how they are more willing to take books that don't have all of the "necessities" to be best sellers. (Basically, I want to be Jack Lewis Baillot when I publish, not the Next J.K Rowling.)

 Since I  had already been looking into Indie publishers I thought I would see what I could find. After all, maybe one was looking for a massive, painful book set in WWII.

 I sent it in to one company I thought would for sure take it. She said she wanted something Historical Fiction with characters who would rip her heart out. If that doesn't sum up my book nothing does. Sadly I never heard back from her.

 Discouraged, I wasn't sure where else to look until I remembered some of my favourite Authors have been Indie published. I looked up their companies and sent my book in.

 And weeks passed.

 And I waited.

 And waited.

 And then one emailed me back. She was interested in my query and wanted the book. So I sent it in, expecting nothing from it since I've had this happen before.

 Weeks passed.

 And I waited.

 And waited.

 And I got emails off and on. One said she was really interested and would like to offer me a contract, but she hadn't yet finished the book so there was still a chance she might say no.

 And this is when I started to loose patience. I would randomly jump up and down and then remind myself she hadn't officially said yes. So I waited, and waited, and waited, and waited. And it felt like the wait went on forever.

 Then yesterday I got an email. (Like I said, all of this happened at once.)

 And now.....

 BROTHERS-IN-ARMS HAS A PUBLISHER PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 And if it wasn't for the fact my life has been so weird the last few months, or the fact that in the last two days everything happened, I would be shouting this from the top of the roof. As it is, all I can do is sit and try and let it all sink in, and then grin like I've lost my mind.


 A PUBLISHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 This is going to change things with my writing, I just haven't worked all of that out yet. I need to get the fact I have a publisher settled in to my head before I do anything else.

 And that is what has been happening. I kind of hope that is all that happens for at least a good few months. I don't think I can take anything else quite as big after all of that.

 The rest of this week is going to be insanely busy. Tomorrow I have to run around and get papers filled out - I hate paper work. Friday I work from 8 in the morning to 11 at night. (This is only because of schedules and last minute jobs. This isn't going to be a thing from now on, I don't think I could handle that long of a work day even if it was with kids.) Saturday I get to move in, then on Sunday after church I get to go and hear a woman who was a Jewish spy in the French Resistance tell her story.

 If you need me between here and next week you can find me sleeping most likely.

 Good bye



  1. OOOOOH MY GOSH!!!!!!!! Jack, I'm SO HAPPY FOR YOU!! This is amazing!! AHHH!!!!!


  3. That is so cool! Amazing! Congratulations! Woohoo! So happy for you!

  4. Yay!!! So happy for you, Jack!! :D :D Congrats!

  5. YES!!! So cool! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! :)

  6. Wow! How exciting!!!! I'm so happy for you, Jack! This is great! EEP! *jumps up and down in excitement and blows off one of those confetti cannon-things* Yay!

  7. Wow!!! Thank God for answered prayers!!! Congratulations on the publisher and the apartment!!!! Woohoo!!!!

  8. Oh my goodness!! Oh my goodness!! Oh my goodness Jack!!! How THRILLING!!!! Congratulations on alllll of it!!! What spectacular news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Screaming and jumping up and down!!! Because I am so excited for you!!!!!
    :D :D :D :D :D :D

  10. That is awesome, a real testament to the power of prayer. I am so happy for you a publisher and a flat. Congrats!

  11. So happy for you about all of it. Congratulations. You deserve this. Revel in it!

  12. How exciting!!! I cannot wait to buy a copy of your book!!

  13. WHOOOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations! A thousand congratulations!!!!!

  14. CONGRATULAIONS!!!! That is soooooo exciting!!! WOW!!!!! Praise the Lord!!! A PUBLISHER AND A FLAT!!! :D :D :D

  15. Congratulations!! That is so exciting!! Best of luck with everything! Don't underestimate the power of naps. lol!!


    *just dances, Aanglike, because happy... happy everywhere.*

  17. OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS, JACK. I have no words. NO WORDS. I am so insanely happy for you I just AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't even type coherently. CONGRATULATIONS. I am so happy for you I feel like doing cartwheels or something. EEEeeeeeee!!!! :D :D :D

    God is SO good. So, so good!

  18. So, last night I dreamed about you, so I decided to stop by your blog today since I remembered you saying something about an announcement you were hoping to tell us soon. I'm so glad I did...

    Aaaahhh, congratulations!!! THIS IS SO EXCITING! :)

    Your in my thoughts and prayers, darling, and I am so happy for you right now! :D

  19. :D This is so awesome! Jack, this is amazing, just- Wow! I'm so excited for you!



    ~Robyn Hoode


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