Monday, August 10, 2015

"What's my first name then?" "Archibald isn't it?" "Even worse."

 The story of Jack's glasses.

 I have a bad habit of stepping on my glasses.

 Or sitting on my glasses.

 Or driving over my glasses.

 I've gotten to the point where I'm just used to wearing lopsided frames. But even I reach my limits.

 The other night, my roommate and I may or may not have gotten into a pillow fight.
 Rolling around on the floor may or may not have been involved.
 I also may or may not have taken my glasses off to keep them from getting broken.
 There is a chance I might have set them down on the floor.
 (There's an even better chance you've figured out how this all ends)
 Somewhere, in the middle of trying to kill said roommate with a pillow and her trying to do the same, I rolled over, and flattened my glasses.

 Good thing I've kept all my old frames in case something like this ever happened. (Okay, no, to be honest I kept the old frames in case I ever became a spy and needed them for disguises, but you know, they are good for times like this too.)

 The old frames were badly tilted. But at least they weren't flattened. So I stuck with them until I could go and get them fixed. (Which happened sooner than planned as tonight I sat on them and bent them back into a more upright shape.)

 So that was something I did recently.

 Now for the Music Monday song.

 This is another someone had me listen to because it reminded them of my Brothers-in-Arms book and Franz and Japhet.

 That is all. I'm working on something book related and still waiting for the elusive email.

 Quote is from Tintin, when Haddock looses his memory and Tintin is reminding him what his name is.



  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I totally messed up the first comment, let's try this again!

      When I first got my glasses the gals at the optometrist and I were on a first name basis within a few months..... ;-)

  2. This. Is gloriously true. XD As one who wears glasses, I TOTALLY GET YOU.

  3. Aww! That stinks.

    I don't wear glasses, but my mom does. She kind of paranoid about breaking them. Though her sunglasses always seem to get sat on or lost, so I guess her paranoia is understandable.

  4. Sorry about your glasses. I'd like to hear the driving over them story sometime.

  5. Me too, Jack me too, I have broken so many glasses. I always have crooked frames, I don't seem to understand the concept of a case. I don't think I ever will either.


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