Monday, September 14, 2015

"American he was. All hair oil and no socks."

 So, the bloopers. Or lack thereof. I am working on trying to get them up, and might have found a way, I just have to wait for a friend to help me upload the video to another site. When that is done, hopefully, I can finally share them. 

 I am trying to get all kinds of big things done this month so I can focus on my book and pretty much nothing but my book next month. Unfortunately, all the big things are really boring. And adult ish. Such as taking my car in to get its belt fixed. I plan to make that fun by going on a walk in the chilly wind while it is being worked on. But still, boring adult stuff. Once it is fixed I can run down the hill and look for a desk, which will come in handy when I begin editing. Because desks my friends. I wish there was a way where I could stock up on food for the rest of my life so I'd never have to go out and shop for it again. Books, sure, but food shopping frightens me. (Let's not forget the fact I stink at food shopping, which takes out even the slightest bit of fun which it might normally hold.)

 I did find a chess board though. I just need a chess partner. All willing candidates please line up in an orderly fashion and I will review your resumes. 

 If you fence as well as play chess you have a better chance being picked.

 In other news, I just found a spider in my potatoes. In. My. Potatoes!!! Just how evil can these things get?! That is low even for them. I also found a hideous one in my bathroom the other day. He looked kind of like a beetle, and he was huge. I'm hoping the weather drops soon because I didn't have the courage to throw him out and now he is loose somewhere in the Flat.

 The weather has been dropping. Rather it dropped. It hit September and all the sudden it was "FALL IS HERE AND I AM FABULOUS!" I haven't minded the cold weather, neither has dog, but I realized my floor is freezing. So Saturday I hope to go down the hill and find a rug before the weather decides to be fabulous winter.

 Other than the spiders, and no one being around to chase them off for me, I haven't minded living on my own. I can spread a puzzle all over the floor and sprawl out and work on it without fear of being stepped on. I can also cook without subjecting friends and family to my interesting concoctions. Because why cook? Why not making it into a science experiment? 

 Besides trying to cool, thinking of burning the Flat down to escape spiders, plotting my winter time quest with Frodo, and bemoaning my lack of chess partners I have begun to haunt my email. Non stop. When I hear from MY PUBLISHER next it will either be with the returned manuscript for me to edit or have something to do with the covers. I am nervous and excited about both and to calm my nerves I may or may not spy on my surrounding neighbors. I may or may not also have given them all nicknames. 

 Now I should end this before I get even more distracted by my puzzle.

 Quote is from Tintin



  1. EVIL SPIDERS!!!!!! I feel your pain. Spiders are terrifying. Big spiders that appear where you don’t want them to appear are even more terrifying. Especially when they disappear and you can’t find them again but you know it’s watching you….*shudders* Okay sorry that’s probably not helping! KILL THE SPIDERS!!!! Here is a blowtorch for you to hunt them down with.

    Lol that is why I cannot ever finish a puzzle. Why do family members feel the need to walk over your puzzle-in-progress and mess it up? I don’t know.


    P.S. I really enjoy reading your blog. It makes me smile. :) You have a very interesting life and thank you for sharing it!

  2. Oh, those spiders!!! My youngest screams at any size spider and I have to kill all of them for her. She's a teen and I'm not sure what she's going to do when she does all the grown-up adult things and lives on her own. She might have to find a spider-killing cat - I had one, once. Now, my cat brings me dead rodents and beetles - I don't like disposing of either but I do that boring grown-up thing and find gloves and plastic bags/paper towels.
    I'm glad you are having a good time on your own. I think cooking experiments are a must, but I have lit a few things on fire, so I don't recommend that kind of experimenting.
    I hope your inbox is filled with awesome news, soon!

  3. Spiders are evil. Bad, bad spiders.



  4. Chess. :) My siblings and I used to play all the time. We didn't actually know any moves or strategies that real players know, though. So when we'd play my dad, he'd always beat us in like four moves. Game over and we'd just sit there stunned like, "How did you do that?"

    FENCING!? That's cool. I want to learning how to fence.

    Spiders are the worst evil in the world. At home, I usually have to be brave and kill them for my little sister. But if I lived on my own and encountered a HUGE spider, eh. . . I might get a little rash, go purchase a gun, and shoot the spider. Because I can't stand them. Most of the nightmares I have are about spiders.


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