Friday, September 25, 2015

"Fly the plane, Maddie."

 I thought it was time for another Brothers-in-Arms character post. I was going to do the main villain but I can't stand him. At all. He's probably the one villain I've created who I can't stand the sight of, so I am putting his post on hold.

 I will do Leah Buchanan instead.

 Leah is the oldest of the Buchanan siblings, which consists of two other sisters - Hadi and Ruth - and then Japhet who is the youngest. Like most in her family, Leah has black hair but her eyes are blue, which she gets from her mom. For most of the book she is in her early twenties.

 To strangers and those who aren't her closest friends Leah is reserved, well behaved, perfectly mannered, and quiet. Even Japhet, who is so much younger than her, sees her this way. To him she is his grown up older sister whom he doesn't spend much time with because he is so busy getting into trouble with Franz.

 To those who know Leah though, mainly Kirsten who is the oldest Kappel girl, Leah is completely opposite of what the rest of the world sees.

 Unknown to most of the family when they start to become friends, Leah, Kirsten, and some of the other girls in their families were friends long before their parents started to talk. There was a group of girls who attended the same church and they played together almost all the time during the summer. Being two of the oldest out of the group of girls, Leah and Kirsten kind of took charge. They came up with most of the wild pranks and adventures and took the other girls along with them. Of course, when they got older they passed on their leadership to the next in line. They never told their brothers about all of their mishaps, not wanting to give them even more ideas for their own pranks. They also never told their parents, though both sets suspecting the stories they heard later in church or throughout the week involved at least some of their children.

 At the age of four Leah started to plink keys on the family's small piano. At first her parents thought it was cute but that her interest in it would pass. They were soon proven wrong when she learned to play her first song at age five. She learned it by listening to one of their neighbors when she practiced. When she turned seven she asked to be signed up for lessons and even considered taking up a career in piano playing. She got a job offer to play in a small orchestra but lost the job before she even started when they learned that she was a Jew.

 Determined not to give up her dream, Leah continued to play until other things happened which changed her life. (Spoilers. I shall say nothing.) She later ended up moving to Munich with some of the Kappel girls, while other members of her family fled Germany and later Japhet and Franz moved into Berlin.

 While in Munich, Leah learned how the Nazis were destroying artwork and various articles which belonged to the Jews. She realizes that if the Jews lose their heritage they would have nothing to build on after the war and Hitler would have accomplished his goal of destroying them. She and her friends start to smuggle artwork, mostly passing it on to the underground.

 Leah and the Kappel girls work closely with Warren though he doesn't tell them about the resistance as he doesn't want to put them in more danger then they are already in. He wants them to get out of Germany and works hard to make it happen, but as always, something bad happens before they escape.

 And you have to read the book to find out what.

 Because I am evil like that.

 Quote is from Code Name Veirty. 



  1. Aghhhhh I love hearing more about the BIA characters! This post was especially satisfying, because of all the stuff you never know about Leah in the book. <3

  2. Oo, I like Leah. In the book, I kind of saw her as Japhet did. Most likely because I was reading through his eyes. :) It's awesome seeing more of her and who she is. :D


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