Monday, September 28, 2015

"I won't say she was very silly, but one of us was silly and it wasn't me!"

 Wherein Jack is here

 I've had a long, long week last week. I worked six days and one day included working more than 12 hours. By the end of the week I realized there are two sides to me when it comes to being around people.

 Sometimes I am like Kuzco from the Emperor's New Groove and other times I'm like Kuzco.

 I finished my puzzle last night because I was in the second stage of being Kuzco. I curled up on my chair, made some tea, and put in the final pieces. I also realized puzzles are magic. How else can you explain how one piece won't fit in one spot no matter how many times you try it, then suddenly, the next day, it just fits.

 I lost my glasses last night. They fell out of my pocket while I tripped through a pitch black meadow with my friends as we tried to find a spot to watch the eclipse. Why were they in my pocket and not on my face you ask? Good question. That's a long, boring story so I will spare you. Short explanation is it is easier to fight Trolls in the dark if you don't have to worry about your glasses falling off. Not that it did me any good since I ended up losing them in spite of my caution. Thankfully I have all my old pairs, so I am wearing an over sized pair. Because that is how I roll.

I had a better post planned out last night, but since I worked on my puzzle instead of writing it last night I forgot what I intended to write. And I'm going to see The Scorch Trials soon. So here is a song. It is a song I listen to for a book I've written twelve times and am still having trouble with the plot. But since I love the characters I have to keep trying.

  Quote is from Wives and Daughters. I don't remember who said it about whom but I've always liked the quote.



  1. I love Wives and Daughters! Bummer on the glasses...but at least you had fun last night, yes? Puzzles for the win! Now you've got me wanting to do one. Come over and help me! ;) Isn't it interesting how when we're attached to our characters, not even the worst (aka an evasive plot) will deter us from trying to write them? The magic of writing, my friend. The best of luck to you, and have a fabulous week. I always greatly enjoy your blog, so thank you for writing.

  2. WIVES AND DAUGHTERS! Aw yissss. XD Also, that picture of Uther is cracking me up.

    Sadness about losing glasses. I really would be in a bind if I lost mine, because, frankly, I'm basically blind. (What a lovely poem I just wrote!) But then again, mine would never be off of my face, because if I tried to fight trolls without them I'd find myself fighting the trees with the trolls laughing at me.

  3. Love the picture of Uther. And yes, puzzles are fun as well. If only I had the time to do one right now...

  4. I am addicted to jigsaw puzzles - I work on 1000 to 2000 piece ones and yes, they are somewhat magical. Sorry about your glasses.

  5. I love puzzles, I am always losing and breaking my glasses.

  6. Sorry you lost your glasses.
    We enjoy puzzles, even when we can't find that one darn piece.

  7. I like how you keep back up glasses. That's so smart!

    My mom and I used to clean this lady's house and there was a pair of glasses in every room. She said it was because she would always loose them.


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