Monday, September 14, 2015

"If Carter's bombs go off one second early I'll never speak to him again."

 The other evening I thought it would be fun to go down to the lake and listen to the mermaids sing. I found an excellent spot. Right among the rocks, because that is were you must go if you want to see adult mermaids. Only the younger ones like to play in the sandy beaches where the sunlight comes down through the water.

 While in the middle of climbing over water splashed rocks with my little companions, I lifted one up onto a rock then went to climb up beside him. That is when I slipped. That is also when I fell back and splashed into the lake, and dragged my toe down the side of the rock and broke my toenail. That is also when I turned into a whimpering baby and couldn't look at the toenail because it made it hurt more to see the damage done.

 After that I lost whatever shred of pride I had left and crawled hands and knees back to my shoes, then limped home.

 And that is why, dear arch enemy, you don't have to try and hurt me. I'm doing just fine on my own. 

 That is all.

 Oh yeah...bloopers.

 Bet ya thought I forgot, right?

 We had a lot of fun making this trailer. To prove this, when I went to put the trailer together I realized we had plenty of material for the bloopers, and not nearly enough for the actual trailer. In fact, I had to go out later to get a couple more scenes filmed so I could finish the trailer. As for the bloopers, I have enough left over from this video to make another if I felt like it. (It didn't help that batteries kept dying in the cameras we were using. We ended up using three different cameras.)

 The video took forever to upload, but here it is!

 Quote is from Hogan's Heroes, I know, shocking. When LeBuea was trying to get some papers out of a room set with Carter's bombs.



  1. Sooooooooo the video is blocked due to copyright issues from INgrooves???? *CRIES FOREVER* WHAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII

    As for your story.....that is gloriously perfect and I love you, Jack. You have the greatest stories and you tell them so winningly. Just sayin.

  2. Sorry you hurt yourself!
    Yeah, the video is blocked for me as well. Bummer.

  3. Nooooo, the video is blocked for me too!!!! SO sad!!! :(

    And yes, I am sorry you got hurt - that sounds so painful. Ick!

  4. The video is blocked. :(

    But I love your letter to your arch enemy. ;)

    Also, a Brothers-in-Arms trailer means that it's to be published soon, yes?! I'M AM SO EXCITED!

  5. The video isn't working for me either. =(


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