Tuesday, September 01, 2015

"Oh yeah? Where were you when we sent them the Statue of Liberty?"

 Wherein Jack is too tied to post.

 I have a few hard weeks ahead of me. I will be working six days a week through most of September. I don't dislike the work, it just wears me out being around people that often with no time to myself to recover. I love people and company, I'm just one of those people who needs a day all to myself just to rest and relax.

 I do have Labor Day off. I'm looking forward to it.

 Currently I'm working two jobs. I'm not editing Brothers-in-Arms yet since my new editor is working on it. I gave my jobs and writing a lot of thought and decided I needed to quit one job or not have the time needed to devote to my writing and editing. My nearly life long dream was to be an Author, I don't want to waste the new chance I've been given.

 I was going to post my Summer Reading List today but I'm too tired tonight to work on it. Instead I will share a couple links which have a few more interesting posts.

 'Till The End Of The Line This is the blog I share with my friend Ben. We are co-Author a nonsense story and posting out chapters as we write. We'd love to know what everyone thinks of it!

 The Yellow Brick Road John's blog. (My baby hedgehog who makes sure I write and sometimes writes his own books. He blogs with his friends Clara and Sammy. Recently they've decided to re-enact Redwall stories. And hunt down the spiders which are invading the Flat.)

 Oi! Don't Get Clever In Latin My review blog. While this might not be as interesting to read, if you want to know my thoughts on some of the books on my recommended reading list this is the place for it. I'm behind on reviews but working on getting caught up. 

 That is all I have. I am going, maybe to do a book review, watch some Hogan's Heroes, and relax before work tomorrow.

 Quote is from Hogan's Heroes, when two of the men were arguing over who liked Americans better.



  1. My goodness that is alot of work, I have to find a job. Not really looking forward to it, happy to hear you are pursing your writing.

  2. Don't let a job suck up all of your writing time.
    Enjoy Monday off!


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