Tuesday, September 29, 2015

"Thank you, Tommy."

 Have you ever read a book where the character shaves his beard with a dull blade while peering in a piece of broken glass? Well that is how it looks as if I did my bangs. 
 After someone slaughtered them during a cutting I decided to cut them myself. Usually I do okay, just grab them and slice them off to a nice length. Of course they are uneven, but I ruffle them in the morning and no one has mentioned them not being straight. Maybe they are just being nice.
 This last time, however, I angled the scissors wrong. And now they are visibly crooked. I look as if I sneezed while doing them.
 Oh well, it was bound to happen. Did I learn my lesson? Nope. Still gonna cut them on my own.

 Anyways. I was more or less ordered to do a tag by my friend Ben. It is the male character tag. So enjoy. Let's see how well I manage.

 I am not following any of the rules since I wasn't tagged online but in person. I will just be answering the questions. If you want to do it feel free to call yourself tagged by Jack. Characters can be from books or movies.

 1. Hero.

 This was hard at first because all I could think of were real life heroes. (Louie. Phil. Baillot whom I stole my last name from because I love him so much. Ben.) But this is fiction. So they must be fiction.
 I do have a lot of fictional heroes I love. (Jaron. Steve Rogers. Bucky Barnes. Peter. Aragorn.) See, nice list there and that isn't half of them. But it is hard to pick someone who might be my top favourite. I finally settled on Tintin.
 If you wish to snicker you may. He was snickered at all ready but he doesn't mine. (*Smirk at the snickerer*)

 Tintin, from The Adventures of Tintin a series of old comic books for those who haven't been around enough to hear me go on and on about him, 

 Tintin could be considered a very bland hero. Herge wrote him without a past. He really has little personality in the series. He is like a blank page, which is exactly what he is meant to be. Everyone who has read the books will probably understand what I mean. Like me, you do not see Tintin as bland or blank. Like me you probably feel as if you know his back story. That is the best part of reading the books. Herge wrote in him such a way that each reader is able to fill in the blanks in the way they see best as fits Tintin.

 For example, I have heard other readers say they put part of themselves into Tintin's character when they read the books. Their back story becomes his. It's one thing which makes him such an amazing, fun character.

 But there are other reasons he is my favourite hero. Even though I've done the same and put myself into the stories, there are things more obvious in Tintin's character that I connect to.

 He is noisy. He makes a living by writing, supposedly, but he hardly ever actually seems to WRITE anything. (I can relate to this. For an Author I seem to do a serious lack of writing.) He doesn't have a lot of friends but those he does have he'd do anything for. And he'd rather be running for his life then sitting at home drinking tea. I feel as if we would be best friends if he were real.

 2. Villain. 
 James Moriarty.

He was the first to pull up when I googled his name

 I really have no idea why he is my favourite. I think it is a combination of things.

 1. He pitted wits against Sherlock. That's pretty gutsy right there.

 2. His name. Every villain needs a spectacular name. (Like Tintin's Arch-enemy is Rastopoulous. I probably spelled it wrong...blame it on my dyslexia. That's a hard name, but so cool.)

 3. He set up a secret organization to keep Sherlock busy just in case he died and Sherlock somehow managed to escape death. (In other words, unlike Doyle, Moriarty foresaw the Victorian London fan base and planned ahead.)

 4. He is usually portrayed by chilling or sassy actors in the movie and TV show adaptions. Which is just a nice plus.

 3. Anti-Hero
 Ben explained this one as someone who does the right thing for the wrong reason. Or something like that.

 This is hard, but I am having to go with Rodin from The False Prince. In the end I'd consider him a hero, but he had moments where he only did something heroic because he could get something out of the deal.

 Nevertheless, in The Runaway King he won me over and I've loved him ever since. (For those who've read it, final sword fight scene.)

 4. Best book-to-screen adaptation
 This is hard. I want to do Tintin but that is probably breaking some rule I don't care about.

 Peter, from Narnia. Of course he seems to have more character in the movie than he did in the book, but that is because the books were left with holes so that readers could use their imaginations to fill things in. (One reason I have such a grand time reading them.) To me, the Peter in the book and the Peter in the movie are the same and amazing.

 5. Best Character Perception
 I forgot what Ben said this one is....completely forgot. 

 I had to look. She said something about a character who doesn't really change but it is revealed who he is by the end of the book and the readers idea of him changes.

 Can I do Sokka from Avatar the Last Airbender? Or Jonathan from The Mummy movie.

 I don't know if they count though...but I think they kind of are in this category.

 Sokka seems kind of childish, not serious, just living in his own world. And he doesn't really change. He is always sassy, sarcastic, but by the end of the series you realize he cares about his sister, his friends, and he really is a brave warrior.

His character in one picture

 Jonathan is kind of like him. He is greedy, out to get rich as fast as he can, a drunk, and insane. But by the end of the movie you - or at least I did - love him because you see he would be willing to die for his sister - maybe even O'Connell but don't ask him to push it, he is brave in his own weird way, and he can lighten even near death experiences.

His little face

 So yes. I shall go with them.

 And now I am going to bed, to read. Because I am finally reading a really good book, one that isn't published yet, but which is fabulous. And you can be envious of me if you wish.

 Quote is from Scorch Trials. Because Thomas. And Newt. And he said Tommy, so of course I have to use the quote.



  1. Good choice for villain!
    From the Narnia books, Eustace made the best translation from book to film. In The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, he was exactly as I imagined him.

  2. Aw, I love Tintin too! My family and I are mildly obsessed with Herge's stories - Dad used to read the comics as a boy (we sadly don't own copies of the novels anymore), and my little sister Gracie just loves the cartoon-series, which we watch at lunch-time nearly every day ;).

    I hope Peter Jackson does more Tintin films for sure!

    Ugh, Moriety is a sure intimidating villain :P. And Peter is a great character, I love his character so much! I do prefer him in the first film more, though :).

    I agree with Alex - I loved Eustace so much in the film adaption of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. He was just perfect!

  3. Male characters...that's a tough one! I like all of Harlan Coben's books--so all of his main characters!

  4. TINTIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have to geek out about it because, well, everything you said is absolutely correct. If you've read the books, you KNOW Tintin, even though Herge doesn't dig into his past or throw any dirt on him. He's just....Tintin. And, I gotta say, the moments when he is rather cross (for example in Red Rackham's Treasure when Calculus is being deaf and Calculus or when he SPANKS ABDULLAH OH MAN), or when he gets all excited and zeroes in on an idea...... yeah, he's got a personality. I love him. So much. Good choice. Very good choice.

    And I think I actually agree with you on Peter. Even though there are some things I didn't like about his portrayal in the movies, at least he was interesting. And he was well-acted.

    The other people I don't know. :-)

  5. Aww yeah! Love me some TinTin. I wonder when the other movies are happening? Great set of characters here. And did you know Sokka is my fav TLA character? :)

  6. TINTIN!
    And Moriarty. I loved what you said about him knowing A.C. Doyle's fanbase better than he did. xD
    And about your bangs... at least now you can come up with some crazy story about why they look crooked! You could say you were experimenting cutting your hair with garden shears... or you go your hair stuck in a lawnmower... or someone needed a lock of your hair to make Polyjuice potion from Harry Potter (I just finished reading Harry Potter so I have a lot of Harry Potter references to make so that I can get them out of my system).

  7. I quite liked the portrayal of Peter in the Narnia films too.
    Tintin, I have a writing problem too, and as a writer this causes problems.

  8. Tintin!! Yes, he's the best. I say you could have used him twice if you wanted because he's awesome. Peter is good, too, though. He was really good in the LWW, like, perfect. He was more complex in PC, and still awesome.



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